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On Steam alone, the hit Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has sold more than 2 million copies. This is a huge success for indie publisher Devolver Digital.

Did anyone expect that the colourful but unimposing Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout would be such a hit? According to developers and publishers Devolver Digital, the online game available for PC and PS4 has already sold more than 2 million copies via Steam alone – and that in less than a week after release!

Fall Guys is considered a Battle Royale game but without weapons. Up to 60 players run over an obstacle course and try to reach the goal. The other players push you down the chasm and you have to try to master the obstacles as effectively as possible.

There are also team games like ball matches with oversized balls. At the end of each round, only the best players get further until only one player is left at the very end. The whole gameplay also reminds you a little of Mario Party, especially because of the colourful graphics and multiplayer fun.

This is obviously hitting a nerve with the players, the 2 million sales within less than a week is fantastic. Even AAA games often fail to achieve this. On top of that you have to add some PS4 sales, which were not mentioned. On the PS4, however, some play for free, as Fall Guys is one of the free games for PS Plus members in August. So Fall Guys is the most successful Steam-Lauch for Devolver Digital.

According to the developers, over 60 million players have already fallen into the abyss, 1.5 million crowns have been captured and 23 million hours streamed via Twitch. At peak times, 123,017 players were online simultaneously, according to the Steam charts. So for the release of Fall Guys, Devolver Digital can definitely pat itself on the back.


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