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The charity event “Gamers for Equality”, hosted by the 100Thieves, has been postponed to a later date than planned. Fans learned about this one day before the event started because publisher Activision does not allow 100Thieves to use CoD: Warzone as a game for the tournament.

The 100Thieves, along with sponsors CashApp and JBL Audio, wanted to launch a four-week Call of Duty: Warzone tournament. The purpose of this was to support organizations that fight against the inequality of different population groups.

Yesterday, the team announced that Activision had declined their request to host the tournament.

Esport journalist Rod “Slasher” Wroclaw reported that according to his sources, holding the tournaments would be unproblematic as long as the sponsor CashApp was not involved. 100Thieves did not accept this and announced the tournament anyway

100Thieves CEO Matt “Nadeshot” Haag has posted an explanation video on Twitter. He said that Activision is against CashApp as the tournament sponsor, but since they provide the prize money, that would not be an option. Therefore the tournament had to be postponed.

Nadeshot apologized for the situation and said he accepted Activision’s decision. Now he wants to get another game and a different publisher for the tournament.


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