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New weapons, transportation, heroes and missions – Season 3 is filled with a wide variety of possibilities. In the overview the most important changes are listed.

Season 3 of Battle Royales Fortnite is available for everyone since Wednesday. The whole map was put under water and Aquaman, the King of the Seas, “rules” over the game. Although the DC hero is in the foreground, Aquaman is ready with a group of different characters.

Aquaman and his crew
The update brings a number of new characters and skins to unlock and collect. In total there are eight new heroes available, Aquaman is of course the star of the group. Whether older heroes like spy boss Midas will be a regular feature in Season 3 is still unclear.

Each character comes with two alternative styles that you can unlock by completing missions and leveling up your Battle Pass. Only for Aquaman there is only one other outfit. Here you can find the new heroes and a short description (from right to left):

– Siona – A wanderer in a lost world.
– Jules – Engineering par excellence, and yet very different.
– Aquaman – The undisputed king of the seas.
– Diver Jonesy – Jonesy from the deep!
– Eternal Knight – Glory shines forever.
– Ocean – The fight ain’t over till I say it’s over.
– Fade – The journey must continue, even far from home.
– Kit – Steps proudly in his father’s paw prints.

More missions and challenges
In the picture of the complete troupe it is noticeable that Fade bends over a large blue table. On this table you’ll find more challenges that will help you advance your character and story, as well as general weekly missions.

Design your own glider
In the previous season, Epic Games introduced the customization option for the first time with agent Maya. You could customize Maya’s appearance and choose from a variety of different hairstyles and outfits.

Epic has now once again set up a workbench where you can design something completely by yourself. This time there is an umbrella where you can decide all the details yourself. By leveling up the Battle Pass, you can unlock more umbrella parts and colors.

Mobility is king when everything is under water
If you have been playing Fortnite for a while, you are well aware of the discussions about missing rotation possibilities. With Season 3 there are now two new ways to move forward.

Sharks: As you can see in the trailer, from now on big sharks are doing their rounds in deep waters. But you don’t need to be afraid of them, just turn them into a living jet ski! By fishing for the sharks with a rod, you can let yourself be pulled behind them like on water skis. But if you get too close to the sharks, they will try to bite you.

Cars: Another novelty is mobile cars. The water level will not be the same all the time on the island, but will rise and fall. When the tide is low, more routes and paths will become visible, so you can drive to the next group of islands in the new cars.

Fights with fireflies and other new weapons
As usual, a number of weapons have also been removed from the game. In their place, new and interesting items of equipment have been added.

For example, you will receive the mythical item “Bottomless Chug Jug” when you defeat the new boss “Ocean”. This item replenishes health and shield and is available again after a cool-down.

Furthermore, the Pump Shotgun has been removed for the time being. A new arsenal of weapons is available for this, including an Ocean’s Burst Assault Rifle, Jules’ Glider Gun, Kit’s Shockwave Launcher and two new shotguns. In addition, there is now a jar filled with fireflies that you can throw like a Molotov cocktail.

You can see all weapons in the following video.

Beside shark skis and gliders, as already mentioned, the sperm hero Aquaman came into play. With the king of the water there are of course new challenges and rewards. For more information, click on our article about Aquaman’s appearance in Fortnite. The new season started with the mega event “The Device” which you can read about here.

Attention – Dangerous
During the excitement of the new water battles, an important innovation has been introduced that could change the gameplay in Fortnite significantly. Meanwhile buildings can burn. The following clip on Reddit shows this.

Especially in the Late Game, where box fights in confined spaces are important, a fire can have devastating effects. Accordingly, all players must now change their minds. Because with this fiery method completely new tactics are developed.


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