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Season 4 is still quite fresh in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. But it didn’t bring any great changes for the Battle-Royale-Mode Warzone. According to Dataminers, this should change now.
In March CoD would be free. Much more, the new BR mode was created as a free alternative to the full price title.

But since release not so much has happened in the game. With Season 4 at least new ingame events came, which can stir up a round.

But now the Dataminer Geeky Pastimes claims to have found signs of new features. Among other things he found signs of a mode called “Prop Hunt”, which was already part of the game in Black-Ops 3 times.

He also found evidence of other abilities of the Recon Drone. The Recon Drone should be able to hack in a few days. In addition, zooming without sniper should also be possible via Spotter Scope.

In addition, the Dataminer has found indications for an item that can be bought at buy stations and influences the circle. It is still unclear what exactly happens. Possibly one could influence the circle in his favor with the item.

The leaks are very vague, but will certainly make some fans happy.


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