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The Last of Us Part II is now available for PlayStation 4. The survival adventure sends you back to post-apocalyptic America, where Ellie and Joel, nasty infected people and a dramatic story await you.

Since 19.06. The Last of Us Part II is available everywhere in stores. The game from developer Naughty Dog is Playstation-exclusive and costs you 70 Euros in the standard version.

This is what the game is about
The plot of TLOU2 picks up where part one left off. The mushroom-immune Ellie and her foster-father Joel come back to Jackson from the battered Fireflies. This town has been transformed by Joel’s brother and his group back into a well-guarded refuge with electricity and reasonably normal social structures.

Nevertheless, the relationship between the protagonists remains tense. Joel grows too fond of his role as protector. The relationships that Ellie maintains with the other inhabitants of the city also lead to much pain for the now 19-year-old throughout the story.


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