New multiplayer shooter looks pretty normal until a player suddenly turns into a bear


The firefights in Striden are anything but ordinary – players transform and moose pull armored cars

The clear advantage with claws and teeth: You never run out of ammunition. For 5 Fortress, the Swedish studio behind the multiplayer shooterStriden, this was probably not the only reason to incorporate the ability to transform into the game.

Binary extraction

In Striden, four teams fight for loot on the map and then try to be the first to escape with their loot. However, you can’t reach your goal with pure firepower alone, so-called“Powerspikes “are powerful tools – like a radioactive bear.

In this clip from content creator TactiGamer, you can see what the furry beast looks like in-game:

How Striden plays

In totalfour teams of 5collect loot on a map. Whoever has reached the point limit must now successfully evacuate from the map, just like in an extraction shooter.

A match takes place in three phases:

  • Looting:The teams collect equipment and try to penetrate locked areas for particularly valuable loot in order to collect points.
  • Build:A fortress must be secured on the map, which is then equipped with defenses. Weapons and upgrades can also be purchased here. The team must then find components for a radio transmitter.
  • Evacuation:Once the transmitter is ready, the fortress must be defended until the team is picked up.

Other important features

  • Class system:In Striden there are Assault, Engineer, Medic, Scout and Support, which differ in their equipment.
  • Weapons:The arsenal comes from both world wars and the Cold War, but the setting of the game is an alternative history of Scandinavia in the 70s. The weapons can be upgraded with various attachments.
  • Powerspikes:Special abilities such as an air strike, a moose pulling an armored car or even transforming into a bear.

Striden doesnt yet have a specific release date, but according to theSteam pageit should be ready in 2025. However, there will be an Early-Access-Phase

Striden is being developed by a total of six developers based in Boden (Sweden), about 85 kilometers from the Arctic Circle, which is probably one of the northernmost studios in the industry.

What do you think of this new approach to the extraction shooter genre? Do you like the idea, have you even tested the demo at Steam Next Fest? Let us know what you think in the comments.