New fantasy action game aims to revive the spirit of Dark Messiah of Might & Magic


The Nightscarred: Forgotten Gods offers a mix of melee combat and custom spells – played from a first-person perspective

With its unique combat system and the exciting possibilities of using the physics of the game world to your advantage, Dark Messiah of Might & Magichas remained in the minds of many players.

The young Turkish development studio Shadowfall would now like to give this special game, which never got a sequel, a new chance, at least in idea. The team recently announced a game in the same vein:The Nightscarred: Forgotten Gods.

The first-person action game is set to be released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/ S and PC. A plannedrelease dateis not yet available. However, you can already add The Nightscarred: Forgotten Godsto your Steam wishlist

The first trailer gives you a taste of the gameplay.Read below to find out what you can expect in the game.

How to play The Nightscarred

Here are the most important details about the upcoming action game:

  • Unused Lore:The game draws on Turko-Mongolian mythology. As the player, you take on the role of an outcast daughter of Erlik, the god of the underworld. In the linear story, you want to maintain the balance between good and evil and follow a prophecy of a great shaman.
  • Hybrid combat system:The battles are not only designed to be fast and in first-person perspective, but also to thrive on the combination of melee combat and magic. At the same time as wielding your weapons, you can cast spells that you develop yourself from runes collected in the game. There will also be stealth gameplay.
  • Physics gimmicks:You can throw enemies off balance with a kick, hurl objects with telekinesis or, for example, freeze the ground with a frost spell so that enemies slip. Physics-based puzzles are also part of the game.
  • Coop:In fact, The Nightscarred was designed as a two-player experience. However, you can start with an AI companion.

The developers have not yet revealed how things like creating spells will work. However, elements are combined with spell methods and other values. The first trailer at least hints at some variants.

With Dark Messiah of Might & Magic, Arkane Studios has undoubtedly created a special game. But even after the separation from Ubisoft and the Might & amp; Magic license, Arkane has continued to pursue the game concept with the Dishonored series, for example. Dark Messiah could receive a sequel, at least in spirit, with The Nightscarred.