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Judas: New shooter from Bioshock creator tells flexible story from (narrative Lego bricks)

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Ken Levine’s new game has a lot in common with Bioshock, but does things differently in terms of storytelling

At the Game Awards 2022, veteran developer Ken Levine and his studio Ghost Story Games, founded after Bioshock Infinite, presented the single-player shooter Judas. With quirky character designs, plenty of firepower, elemental powers and a game world in which not everything is as it seems, the proximity to the three popular Bioshock games is quickly established.

However, the storytelling takes a new direction this time. This is also illustrated by the story trailer for Judas:

Judas: Story building blocks lead to ever-changing variants

In an interview with Last Stand Media Ken Levine explains that he has always wanted to make a game with these “narrative Lego bricks “ and that he has always wanted to make a game with them. Basically, it’s about combining handmade individual pieces to create a slightly different story every time you play.

Recently, some media representatives were able to play Judas for a few hours, including the presenter of the Game Awards, Geoff Keighley. In a video, he gives a first impression of how this narrative element is used in the game

Factions play a role

On the Mayflower – a spaceship the size of a city that serves as the game world – you meet three important characters, among othersTom, Nefertiti and Hope were once a family in the past, but are no longer so well-disposed towards each other

According to Keighley, the three characters act as factions that compete for your attention and come to you with different tasks. They not only react to the missions you complete for them, but also take offense if you support the others.

Keighley draws a comparison here to the Nemesis system from Middle-earth: Mordor’s Shadow. The three characters intervene in the game depending on your relationship with them.

The moderator gives some examples: For example, Tom bursts into a conversation with Nefertiti to make him a better offer. Another time, he denies him access to a healing ward because he is unhappy with his behavior.

How complex this system is and how well it carries over the entire game cannot yet be said after the five hours of gameplay, explains Keighley. There are currently no details on the release date of Judas. 

What do you think of the concept? Do you like Judas as a Bioshock successor in spirit so far? Feel free to write your opinion in the comments


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