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Ghost of Tsushima is now the biggest single-player release in PlayStation history on PC

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The samurai adventure finally launched on PC just in time for the weekend – and got off to a dream start on Steam.

For almost four years, PC fans have had to wait– now the time has finally come: Sony released the previously PlayStation-exclusive samurai adventureGhost of Tsushimafor home computers just in time for the weekend.

Ghost of Tsushima was already a bestseller on the PlayStation, delighting numerous players with its medieval Japanese setting in its standard version as well as in the beautiful Director’s Cut and the PS5 version.This popularity is now apparently continuing on the PC.

The 77,000 Samurai

As figures from the analytics websiteSteamDBshow, Tsushima got off to an absolute dream start on Steam.In the first weekend alone, over 77,000 players simultaneously donned the virtual garb of Samurai Jin Sakai and reached for the katana to save Tsushima.

According to the figures, Ghost of Tsushima is the strongest single-player launch ever for a PlayStation title on the PC – even better than PlayStation classics such as God of War or The Last of Us.

(Ghost of Tsushima's player numbers on Steam skyrocketed over the weekend)
(Ghost of Tsushima’s player numbers on Steam skyrocketed over the weekend)

However, the PC port of Ghost of Tsushima is also really exceptionally good. Tester Steffi gave it an even 90 in view of the technically successful implementation and beautiful game world.

Only one game from Sony’s repertoire currently performs better – and is unlikely to be knocked off the throne any time soon: Helldivers 2 with almost half a million players. However, Helldivers is a multiplayer title that was also available on Steam right from its release.

The two are therefore difficult to compare. However, Tsushima developer studio Sucker Punch has definitely secured the single-player crown.

What’s next?

Which PC port Sony will tackle next is still unknown at the moment. However, with Stellar Blade, Rise of the Ronin, God of War: Ragnarök or the repeatedly requested Bloodborne, the Japanese publisher still has a lot of untapped potential with its house brands.

What do you think of the PC port of Ghost of Tsushima so far? Which Sony game (other than Bloodborne) would you like to see as the next port for your home computer? As always, let us know in the comments!

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