(Fundamental relaunch) for Hunt: Showdown – Crytek names update date that will change many things


In August, the popular extraction shooter is to receive a powerful update that will literally lift Hunt into the next generation

Hunt: Showdowncontinues to enjoy unbroken popularity with the community almost five years after its release. This is not only due to the shooter’s interesting setting and challenging sneaking mechanics, but also to a large extent to the clever service policy of developer Crytek.

Every few months there is a new event with new skins, weapons and content that keep the Hunt community glued to their screens. At the same time, the update rhythm is not too fast so as not to tire fans with an endless stream of content

For its fifth birthday, the developers have now announced a massive update for Hunt on YouTubethat will change a lot. In view of the changes, Crytek is even talking about a fundamental relaunch – a sort of Hunt 2.0.

We have summarized the most important content for you.

A massive new step

The biggest change will be the switch to a new version of the CryEngine With the update date, Hunt: Showdown will be upgraded to version 5.11 and will have significantly more under the hood in terms of visuals and performance

However, this also meansthat support for the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Hunt will end.The older consoles simply no longer have enough computing power for the next generation of the shooter and are therefore being retired by Crytek.

You will no longer be able to start Hunt on these consoles!However, the developers promise that your progress, weapons and hunters will remain in your account. The game itself must also

New map, new luck

According to Hunt manager David Fifield, the developers have more content up their sleeves for you this summer in addition to the engine update. This naturally includes a new event and the new map for the shooter that was announced at the end of last year

A new user interfacewill also be included in the update. However, Fifield did not want to reveal exactly what this will look like in the video

Also planned are changes toHunter Revival, the life bar, health recovery and the burning of hunters lying on the ground.The developers hope that this will significantly reduce stalemate situations – triggered by a solo revive, for example – in the future.

However, Fifield did not want to give us a more detailed look into the cards.We assume that Crytek will gradually reveal the new content over the next few months We will of course stay tuned for you.

When will the time come? The next-gen update for Hunt: Showdown will be released on August 15, 2024 for PC, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. Support for last-gen consoles will end on this date. Now it’s up to you: What do you think of the planned next-gen update for Hunt: Showdown? Do you think the move to the newer consoles is reasonable? What changes are you hoping to see in the new version? And what pitfalls should the developers avoid? Let us know in the comments!