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CS:GO, LoL, FIFA – Event Calendar

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Global-Esports.news presents the biggest and most important eSports events of the year in CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, Hearthstone, FIFA, Overwatch and Co.

All matches at a glance – The eSports Ticker

January 2020
09.01. – 12.01. – WePlay Bukovel Minor [DOTA2]
13.01. – 05.04. – LoL Pro League Spring (LPL) [League of Legends]
16.01. – TBA – LoL Champions Korea Spring (LCK) [League of Legends]
17.01. – TBA – LoL Vietnam Championship Series Spring (VCS) [League of Legends]
18.01. – 26.01. – DreamLeague Season 13 [DOTA 2]
24.01. – TBA – LoL European Championship (LEC) [League of Legends]
24.01. – TBA – Call of Duty League [Call of Duty]
24.01. – 26.01. – DreamHack Open Leipzig [Counter-Strike: Global Offensive]
24.01. – 26.01. – Genesis 7 Melee [Super Smash Bros. Melee]
24.01. – 26.01. – Genesis 7 Ultimate [Super Smash Bros. Ultimate]
25.01. – TBA – LoL Championship Series Spring (LCS) [League of Legends]
29.01. – 16.02 – Blast Premier Spring Regular Season [Counter-Strike: Global Offensive]
30.01. – 02.02. – Masters Tour Arlington [Hearthstone]


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