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Less than a week after the release of Call of Duty: Warzone the hype is not abating. The game lands on the top of the most streamed games by miles.

Almost 34 million hours of viewtime within one week – on Twitch alone. With the Battle Royale Warzone, Infinity Ward has succeeded in a stroke of genius. Over 500,000 people watched the game on Twitch at the same time. By comparison, Alltime-Favorite League of Legends reached a peak of about 270,000 viewers in the same week.

If you are on streaming sites, you can’t avoid CoD. Plus, there are countless highlights, controversies and guides on all platforms. Warzone is probably also the reason why the competition like Fortnite and PUBG is currently weakening. The Battle Royale players were looking for a new game that could fill the gap.

Can Warzone keep up the hype?
But Warzone is more than just a stopgap. With mature gameplay and lower RNG, Infinity Ward takes the genre to the next level. For this purpose, the developer has included a large puzzle that is causing the community quite a few headaches. Through such Eastereggs players are naturally longer bound to the game.

Another factor that speaks for the long-term success of the game is the pricing model. As a free spin-off of Call of Duty, it reaches significantly more players than Modern Warfare.

Of course, nobody knows yet whether Warzone will really be able to inspire for a long time. That depends above all on how well the developer deals with the game and whether the feedback of the community is incorporated.


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