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Activision has taken many steps to address the Cheater problem in Warzone and Modern Warfare. But they are already being circumvented.

The constant struggle between developers and cheaters continues. Also in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone. In free-to-play mode, there were extreme Cheater issues a few weeks ago. Activision wanted to prevent this with various measures.

Recently, this includes the obligation to connect the account to a valid mobile phone number. This is to prevent Cheaters from being able to create new accounts again and again free of charge.

Not only on the PC is cheating
Reddit user aur0n shared the screenshot of a forum where exactly this measure can be circumvented. Threads that offer disposable accounts for $2 and less circulate everywhere. These come with new email and registered mobile number. This decisively reduces the paywall.

But there are problems not only on the PC. For console players, devices are distributed that sit between the controller and the console and are freely programmable.

Thus, they allow macros, for example, in order to avoid recoil. Rapid Fire and Aimassist are also on the list of possible unfair advantages. The argument that cheating is a pure PC problem is now also flat.

Unfortunately, these devices are hardly recognizable to game manufacturers, which is why little can be done about them. The low price is also problematic, as the devices can be used for more players.

Currently, it seems unlikely that Activision can do anything about these methods. Should the situation change, we will of course keep you informed.


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