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On 25.06. the ranked mode went live. Nevertheless, not all bugs that were introduced by patch 1.02 have been fixed yet. You should know about one of them.
After patch 1.02 the VALORANT developers wanted to wait and see to fix the most serious bugs. Only then should matchmaking be available again. Now the mode is playable, but the community has become aware of a big problem with the hit registration.

If you want to win in duels, you should always aim for the head. This principle applies in almost every shooter. But in VALORANT this is currently not necessarily the case.

As Elektrokills on Reddit has found out, head hits do not always land when the player is sneaking. The exact reason behind the bug is not known, but with his video compilation it quickly becomes clear to everyone that this is a big problem.

Competitively playable?
Normally, shots should be more accurate in sneaking than in running. But as the video shows, head hits are simply not detected. This is especially problematic because experienced players now often sneak reflexively when they see an opponent.

So if you want to play your placement matches already, you should definitely keep the bug in mind. Otherwise, you could end up getting ranked worse than you deserve.


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