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Soon you can leave Los Santos in GTA 5 and visit Chicago instead. Modders show how they integrate the big city into the game.

That GTA 5 will get a new single player DLC, which will take us back to Liberty City for example, is not very likely. But you can still explore a new city in the Rockstar game – with the help of a mod project: A team of fans is currently working on rebuilding Chicago in Grand Theft Auto 5.

On YouTube, FV Design and Lozano – the brains behind the project – are already showing the first results with a tour of the American city. We have included the corresponding video in the header of this article.

What Chicago currently offers in GTA 5
There is still much to do: In the 38-minute video, the team shows a tour of the city. The architecture of Chicago can be recognized. However, it is obvious that everything is still in a very early stage of development.

Currently only for sightseeing: Although cars are already driving through the city, Chicago otherwise seems relatively empty due to the absence of passers-by. Only every now and then a single NPC can be seen. In addition, there seem to be no gameplay elements such as missions or random events at the moment.

When will Chicago be finished? So far there is no date for the full release of the project. Also the team doesn’t say if they plan to fill the mod with quests and co. or if they really only want to offer you the scenery change to Los Santos.

New cities and more for GTA
The Chicago mod is not the only one that adds more areas to GTA 5. Already in the past there was a project to make North Yankton playable from the prologue of the Rockstar title. You can find more about this and other projects in our big mod special for Grand Theft Auto 5:

What’s next with GTA?
At the moment there are quite a few rumors and alleged leaks about GTA 6, but according to insiders the project is supposed to be 70 percent finished already. Speculations about a possible release date have been denied by its publisher Take-Two.

The multiplayer mode GTA Online, on the other hand, currently receives new content on a regular basis. On Halloween, for example, it received a mission in which you have to steal UFO parts and also get to see a huge alien spaceship.

By the way, GTA Online will be released as a separate game in 2021, while the “biggest DLC to date” is scheduled for the end of 2020 with a new heist. In addition, a NextGen version of GTA 5 for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X will be released in the near future – at the same time the PC version will be upgraded and updated.


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