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On November 23, 2020, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will finally be released, the next highly anticipated expansion for Blizzard’s long-running MMORPG, which is already selling incredibly well before its release.

Next week, the big pre-event kicks off, with Azeroth being overrun by the undead minions of the Scourge. Until then, you can spend your time on the 16th anniversary event of the online role-playing game, for example, where you can get hold of two new mounts and level up especially fast. Or you can get the new murloc pet, Glimmr, which recently came into play through a secret quest series, according to Wowhead.

Here’s how you can get the new Murloc Pet
In the far north of Azeroth, on Northrend, is Grizzyl Hill. A new murloc tribe has now settled in this area: The Purple Shimmering Fins.

– To begin the quest series, you must go to Venture Bay in the southwest of the Grizzly Hills. South of this bay, on the tip of an iceberg (coordinates: 18.4 / 88.2) you will find a Shimmerfins Scout. When you approach it, it will run away from you, leaving a Shimmerfins Scale behind, which will start a quest and want to be brought to King Mrgl-Mrgl at the Winterfins in the Borean Tundra.

– He tells you that he has never seen such a shed before and sends you back to Venture Bay. Here you have to collect crab meat and bring it as a welcome present to Shimmerbelly, the leader of the Shimmerfins. This leader is located in a boat wreck in Venture Bay.

– For Shimmerbelly, the next quest is to kill the fat seal, Horker, and then for the Worse Fins Oracle, retrieve a huge pearl from the bottom of the sea, keeping an eye out for the elite Snake Jewel Eye, which patrols around the pearl, but which you can easily avoid.

– The next step is a pet fight against the murloc teacher Grrglin. Grrglin has two aquatic pets and one small pet, and is not very challenging if you have some strong level 25 pets.

– After the battle is won, you return to the Shimmering Fin Oracle, which now shows you an egg. To hatch it you have to collect seaweed – you can find it near the wreck. Watch out for electric algae, as they will hurt you if you touch them.

– Finally, all you have to do is kill the elite foe Great Mua’kin, a giant purple macrura, and then collect your reward in the form of Glimmr’s Egg and welcome your new Murloc pet.



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