Bug frustration in XDefiant unloads on the lead developer – who responds: (Play something else)


XDefiant is struggling with numerous technical problems after its successful release. The developers are hoping for patience – and if you can’t wait, just play something else

Ubisoft’s latest shooterXDefianthas caused quite a stir since its release in May. Many players who were looking for a fresh alternative after years of Call of Duty, Overwatch and the like have given XDefiant a chance.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive response, the game struggles with numerous technical problems that cause a lot of frustration in the community.

A bumpy start

Mark Rubin, Executive Producer of XDefiant, was confronted with accusations a few days ago that the game had been released hastily. However, he firmly refutes these accusations. Instead, he hopes for understanding that the Snowdrop Engine used was not originally made for first-person shooters:

Rushed out? No. What we have is an engine that was previously only used for MMOs. So the whole infrastructure for an FPS had to be built from scratch. […]

The decision to use the Snowdrop engine, which is also used in The Division and its successor, brought with it unexpected challenges.

In contrast to established shooter engines such as id Tech (Quake, early Call of Dutys), CryEngine (Crysis, Hunt) or the engine from Apex Legends, which was previously used in Titanfall, Ubisoft had to make a lot of adjustments to the engine’s fundamentals, which led to numerous bugs and performance issues.

Open words from the lead developer

Rubin is optimistic, however, and asks the community for patience. However, he himself already seems to be losing patience with the grumbling fans and advises them to look for a new game:

‘We’re not a shooter that’s been on the market for 20 years. If you like what we’re trying to do, then stick with it and you’ll see improvements and new features. But if the game isn’t for you, that’s okay too. Just play something else

Mark Rubin

With the launch of the first season, a lot of new content was recently introduced in XDefiant, including new maps, weapons and operators from Rainbow Six Siege as well as the new Ranked mode. But as Rubin openly admits, there is still a lot of work to be done – especially on the technology behind the shooter.