New on Steam: this week sees the launch of an open world that hundreds of thousands want to play


This week, one of the most requested games on Steam delivers base building, crafting and a huge open world

The next summer slump week on Steam is just around the corner.But don’t worry, this time there are once again some gems that deserve your attention.Particularly exciting could be an open world that hundreds of thousands of players are already looking forward to and is currently in fifth place among the most wanted Steam games.

Highlight of the week: Once Human

(Genre: Survival MMO – Developer: Starry Studio – Release: July 9 (Steam)

Once Humanis a multiplayer open-world survival game in which you are thrown into a world that has been altered by mysterious alien spores. In typical survival game fashion, the aim is to gather resources, build a base and defend yourself against monstrous enemies.

In addition, there is also a lot of fighting: you can expect typical MMO elements such as quests and instanced dungeons. You are not completely alone, as you end up in a huge open world populated by other players

You can also join factions, each with their own philosophies and survival strategies, such as the optimisticButterfliesor the violentVultures They also play a role in PVP, as you can take part in events in which you compete for control of important areas

Just like the game released last weekThe First DescendantOnce Human is free to play, but offers an in-game store. Whether this offersequally annoying Pay2Winor is mainly limited to cosmetic content, we will of course tell you after the release.

More exciting releases of the week on Steam

Monday, July 8

  • Happy Sheepies: A relaxed little management game in which you build up a sheep farm. The demo has been played by over a million players.

Tuesday, July 9

Wednesday, July 10

  • Princess Maker 2 Regeneration: 30 years after its initial release, the iconic life simulation game in which you have to raise your daughter to become a princess worthy of her rank is coming to Steam in a revised version.

Thursday, July 11

  • Anger Foot: An absolutely wild single-player shooter in which you kick or shoot everything that gets in your way to the sound of booming hard bass. The author of this article has played through the demo countless times and can only warmly recommend it to you.

Friday, July 12

  • The Last Alchemist:A relaxed crafting adventure in which you explore the game world as an alchemist. You collect all kinds of plants, mushrooms and ores and use them to craft useful items.

  • Only Up: Skibidi Together: In this game you have to be lit af with the Pookies while you climb up a level and become a Rizzler. Looksmaxxing is key to flexing the ultimate drip and getting through the Skibidi Ohio Challenges. But whoever gets downed (caught in 4K) is an NPC. Oof, big yikes. Whoever slays their way to the top is the new Main Character. No cap.