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Atomic Heart: The Cycle of Destroying & Looting

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Mundfish released a new gameplay video via IGN that focuses on destroying robots and looting their components. Now we”ll tell you how to get to the enemy machines and what you get in return.

In Atomic Heart you, as the protagonist Agent Major P-3, must defend yourself against hordes of enemy robots in the research facility 3826. You can do this not only with the help of your extensive arsenal of weapons. Your telekinetic abilities also help you to literally tear your enemies apart.

Damage & Weaknesses

As the latest gameplay video for Atomic Heart shows, developer Mundfish has put a lot of work into making the damage done to the robots as detailed as possible. By ripping open synthetic skin, you can expose the individual components of some robots. In addition, the outer shells of the robots will deform with each new blow from melee weapons and firearms will leave bullet holes and dents.

Furthermore, the different types of robots are not only susceptible to a certain type of weaponthey also possess a certain vulnerability So, in order to create the most damage possible, attack these very spots with the most effective weapon type. If these weak spots are not obvious, your scanner will point them out to you

Looting in Atomic Heart

Once you have defeated the robots, you can examine the dismembered bodies for useful parts such as superconductors and polymer batteries. You can use these items to upgrade your weapons and polymer glove, making you even more effective at killing robots.

When looting, your telekinetic abilities are especially useful Instead of opening each bin and container individually, you can simply use your polymer glove, which will automatically open them and suck in usable items. However, Mundfish explains that you cannot carry an infinite number of items. If you are overloaded, there are supposed to be corresponding mali, which the developer has not yet gone into detail about.

Atomic Heart will be released on 21 February for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. From day 1, the sci-fi shooter will also be part of the Game Pass.

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