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Monday, October 18, 2021

After Map Announcement – What we wish for Among Us

Among Us is the pandemic hit of the video game scene. The game principle is similar to the parlor game Werewolves from the Bleak Forest. But what do fans want for the future?

A game that is actually already two years old and suddenly gets hyped again: The story of Among Us fits perfectly into the otherwise so messed up year 2020.

Now there are even two nominations for the “Game of the Year” awards for best mobile and best multiplayer game.

The awards ceremony is on December 10th and the developers of Among Us have already announced major innovations for that very date. A small preview of a new map was already available on Twitter.

But what else would be great for the game?
Indeed, Among Us captivates with its minimalistic graphics and the good game idea. Eight players have to complete tasks on the ship, two importers have to kill crew members, but they shouldn’t be caught or exposed in the conversation afterwards.

Simple, but a few changes might be good for the game.

Own voice chat
An own in-game voice chat would certainly solve many problems. Currently all players have to find each other on a discord or teamspeak. Speaking together in the lobby would certainly be logistically very helpful.

In addition, the voice chat could be muted at exactly the right moment, so that nobody can really talk once the round has started.

New Maps
A new map has already been announced. But especially in a game that picks up many casual gamers and is often played with people who don’t have that much experience, fresh maps are certainly a great tool. Because they shuffle the maps again and it is less likely that someone with much more experience in tasks and map design has a blatant advantage. That would be more like a parlor game.

More challenging tasks
If you have done the tasks on the current three maps a couple of times, they will quickly become monotonous. New tasks, which might be a bit trickier than just “pull the lever” and “push the button”, could bring a bit more intensity into the game. Just as the light switches make visibility difficult, other tasks could make life on the ship wilder. This way, not everyone will have to wait anxiously for the emergency meeting again to experience action.

In addition, there are of course several construction sites, which cannot be missed in an indie game like Among Us. The map can’t be called up in meetings and more skins would be cool, which might allow cooperation. Maybe we’ll see a port to consoles like Xbox or PlayStation at some point.

Stand now, Among Us is so much fun and the game shows how little it actually takes to have fun playing.

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