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New item in Fortnite – How the Falcon Drone works in Patch V23.20

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Fortnite has received the new update v23.20 and with it comes some changes. Among other things, there is now a falcon drone.

The new Fortnite update V23.20 brings with it some new content. This includes an all-new item that can be used to reveal enemies and loot. Also coming to the game are five new reality enhancements.

The Falcon Drone

The biggest change in the patch is the addition of the new Falcon Drone. This is manually controlled by the player and has some abilities that make the game easier

Through the drone, you can set markers in the game and mark all enemies in a certain radius with a hawk call. In addition, it can also be used to open containers or chests and even collect them afterwards.

While controlling the drone, you lose sight of your own character. Therefore, you should only use it when there is enough cover around you.

There are Five New Reality Enhancements Coming

The following expansions are now available in the game:

  •  Schali’s Treasure: You get a treasure map that leads you to a buried treasure.
  • Shotgun Spezilalist: When you hit an enemy with a shotgun, your stamina is restored.
  • Rare Weapon Added Value: Common and uncommon weapons gain life steal on eliminations.
  • Zero Thrust: You briefly gain the zero thrust ability when breaking through an enemy’s shield.
  • Danger Pro: When the shield breaks, you briefly gain condition regeneration and increased movement speed.

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