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Fortnite: No jumping ? – New rules for tournaments

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Epic Games tightened its rules for tournaments in Fortnite yesterday. However, the community reacted with confusion and resentment.
This is not the first time the developer has had to react to collusion between Fortnite players in tournaments. The best known incident is of course the one around Damion “XXiF” Cook in the qualification for the Fortnite World Championship last year.

In an effort to prevent any new incidents, Epic Games has updated the rules for communication during tournaments.

Strict Communication Guidelines
The developer was mainly concerned with the following paragraph in the rulebook on prohibited actions regarding collusion:

Communication: Sending or receiving signals (both verbal and non-verbal) to communicate with opposing players is not allowed.
In the mentioned area of communication between opponents, the following actions are now explicitly included in the rulebook:

-swinging the pickaxe
-Throwing game objects

From now on these actions are also punishable for team building or agreements. Epic Games made it clear, however, that they do not want to ban a peaceful playing style. They are simply giving signals and making agreements.

Community Worries and Confusion
While the majority of the players welcomed the commitment to higher integrity in competition, they also expressed their concerns. After all, some of the actions mentioned had been part of the game for quite some time. In particular, the fact that “jumping” could now be sanctioned was a bitter shock to many players.


On the part of Epic Games they try to calm the minds. A punishment would always only take place after an extensive review process and of course you would still be allowed to perform the above mentioned actions. Only if they are part of an agreement, the rule would apply.

Professionals demand more mobility in Fortnite
Nevertheless, even professionals and streamers were sceptical about the change. They criticized that it is too difficult to move over long distances in the game at the moment. This lack of mobility has led to players agreeing to “truces” with such signals. After all, the footpath to the safe zone took long enough even without battles. English professional Benjy “Benjyfishy” David Fish, under contract with NRG, tweeted the following:

Also the probably biggest Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, who only recently got his own skin in the game, expressed his concerns. Although he expressed understanding for Epic Games’ decision, he still criticized the current mobility problems in Battle Royale.

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