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FIFA 22 Release: All info about pre-order, gameplay and editions

What will change in FIFA this year? Here you get answers to the most important questions about the release, pre-orders, editions and all the innovations.

In time for the European Championship final on 11 July 2021 Electronic Arts revealed what will happen with FIFA this year. FIFA 21 was considered a rather weak year among fans. Let’s see how FIFA 22 looks like this year. After all, the sports game will also be playable on the next-gen consoles right at release.

Here you can find out which innovations the developers have come up with and you can also find answers to all other questions you might ask yourself about the release of FIFA 22.

Release: When will FIFA 22 be released?

FIFA 22 will be released everywhere on 1 October 2021 These release dates are also pretty much set in stone for games like FIFA. So a possible postponement is not to be expected.

But you can also play earlier: Like every year, players can also get early access. There are three different possibilities.

  • Play FIFA 22 from 27 September: If you pre-order the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 22, you will get access to the game four days earlier, among other things.
  • Play FIFA 22 from 22nd September (for 10 hours): If you have the subscription mode EA Play you can play FIFA 22 already 10 days before the release. However, only for a limited time of 10 hours. The service costs 4 euros a month or 25 euros a year.
  • Play FIFA 22 from 22 September (unlimited): PC players can also access EA Play Pro. This also gives them access 10 days in advance and allows them to play without a time limit. EA Play Pro costs 15 euros a month or 100 euros a year.

The release date was announced together in the course of a first trailer, which you can see here:


Platforms: What will FIFA 22 be released for?

The new FIFA will be released for both next and last gen consoles. On the PC FIFA 22 is normally available via Steam or EA Origin or optionally with Google Stadia

So the platforms are: PC, Stadia, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch

Differences in versions

As was the case last year, not all versions are identical to each other. On PS5 and Xbox Series X/S FIFA 22 will offer more features than on the older models. We know that the new HyperMotion feature is only on the next-gen consoles. Presumably graphical improvements are missing again like already in FIFA 21.

The PC is also looking down the tube here once again. Those who buy FIFA 22 on Steam or Origin will receive the version for PS4 and Xbox One. So without HyperMotion. But at least you can play FIFA 22 in the modern version on PC, if you do it via Google Stadia. More details about the PC version can be found here:

FIFA 22 played: What PC players get and what they miss

Gamers on the Switch will be even worse off. Here they can expect a game that still has roughly the same gameplay as three years ago. At least this version will be a little cheaper this time, but still not cheap at 40 euros.


Officially, Crossplay has not yet been rejected However, we think it is very unlikely. Crossplay will not be possible between PC and next-gen consoles because the versions differ. But even between PS5 and Xbox Series X/S a crossplay feature is not to be expected so far.

The PC version of FIFA 22 will offer less graphically and technologically than the same game on next-gen consoles.
The PC version of FIFA 22 will offer less graphically and technologically than the same game on next-gen consoles.

Preorder & Price: Where can you buy FIFA 22 & are there different editions?

You can already pre-order FIFA 22 now. On the PC as well as on all consoles. The game is available on PC at Origin, Steam and via Google Stadia. There are also special pre-order bonuses and two different versions.

The standard version of FIFA 22 costs 60 euros, the Ultimate Edition is 80 euros. Exactly which advantages are in the Ultimate Edition is still unclear. Only the pre-order bonuses are known.

Bonuses for pre-orderers

  • Team-of-the-Week-1-Player-Item: An unchangeable player item for the FUT mode
  • Kylian Mbappé Loan Item: The cover star is available for 5 games in FUT mode
  • FUT Ambassador Loan Item: You can use Alaba, Foden or Son in FUT mode for 3 games.
  • Career Mode Homegrown: Your young players have world class potential

Bonuses for Ultimate Edition pre-orderers

  • FUT Hero Player Item: Players will be able to get a non-replaceable hero player for their FUT team. But beware. The offer only runs until 11 August and the player will not be available until 1 December.
  • One-to-Watch Player Item: Players get an unchangeable one-to-watch player in FUT mode. So decidedly great talents.
  • 4 Days Advance Access: Players can get started with the Ultimate Edition as early as 27 September.
  • 4,600 FIFA Points: Players can use this in-game currency to buy map packs in FUT mode.

Pre-orderers can use cover star Mbappé for a few games in FUT mode.
Pre-orderers can use cover star Mbappé for a few games in FUT mode.

Demo: Is a free version coming this time?

For years a demo was set shortly before the release of FIFA 22. But since 2020 this doesn’t exist anymore and also FIFA 22 doesn’t return a free trial version. So you don’t have to wait for it. There was only a closed beta for FIFA 22.

If you want to play FIFA 22 earlier, you have to do it via EA’s subscription service. You can find out how this works at the top of our release overview.

Gameplay: Does FIFA 22 play differently?

EA has once again come up with a few sounding feature names this year. This is to emphasise how the game is developing technologically. We have even been able to play in it. It turned out that there are definitely exciting innovations behind these English technical terms. However, so far this only applies to the next-gen version and not to the PC.

What is HyperMotion? The most important innovation this year is supposed to be a technology called HyperMotion. According to EA, FIFA is supposed to be “revolutionised” by this and it actually succeeds quite well. The technology is supposed to influence the animations in particular and provide for faster, more realistic and smoother football experiences.

Here, not only individual players in a motion-capture suit are filmed, but the complete teams on the pitch. That means 22 people. In this way, realistic movements are supposed to emerge from many different game situations. The technology is also supposed to be adaptive and thus write new animations in real time.

New ball physics
: In FIFA 22 balls will now behave differently as they sail through the air. This is a feature that will be used in next-gen as well as on PC. Playing the game has already shown that the new physics is quite convincing and provides much better trajectories, especially when changing sides.

New goalkeeper system
: Another gameplay innovation concerns the goalkeepers. The keepers are supposed to behave more consistently in a way that suits their personality. For example, whether a goalkeeper is more likely to run out wide or stick to the line

Game modes: Is there anything new?

There are no completely new game modes for FIFA 22 this year. The well-known modes return. But there is also no story mode like in the past. Some innovations have already been announced for all game modes. But depending on the mode, the scope can differ a lot.

Career mode

There are very manageable changes in the career mode The biggest change in the coaching career is the “Create a Team” feature. You can now create your own team and compete with this team in every available league.

There are more changes in the player career. Many new features have been introduced, such as substitutions, and the leveling up of your kicker has been expanded with new skills and passive abilities.

More details about the career mode of FIFA 22 can be found here:

FIFA 22: What’s really new in the career mode this year

Volta Football

Volta is now clearly more reminiscent of FIFA Street than before Players should be encouraged more to shine in the offensive with stylish trickery. Therefore a mechanic was introduced that rewards such tricks. You can now fill a bar with it. Above certain limits, your goals become more valuable. Earn more than just one point.

In addition to this gameplay adjustment, Volta with FIFA 22 also has an arcade mode that allows for fun mini-games. For example, football tennis or dodgeball.

Ultimate Team

For EA Ultimate Team has been the most lucrative game mode in FIFA 22 for a long time and is especially controversial because of that. Nevertheless, there are of course many adjustments because the mode is so popular with players and just financially rewarding.

This year, FUT Champions has been reworked to include weekday play-offs where players can earn points towards the finals. There are also changes to Division Rivals. Your progress will now be linked to a Season structure and reset a little bit each season.

A new map type announced is FUT Heroes These are legendary players in unique condition. So like icons, these are players of days gone by but who have played their way into the hearts of their fans through special moments, games or seasons. This includes players like Mario Gomez, Clint Dempsey or Tim Cahill.

In FIFA 22 there are again many licensed stadiums. Here we see Stamford Bridge. The home ground of Chelsea FC.
In FIFA 22 there are again many licensed stadiums. Here we see Stamford Bridge. The home ground of Chelsea FC.

Licences: Which teams, stadiums and players are included?

This year FIFA again offers the biggest licence package compared to the competition. However, EA has not patched all licences for a long time. Some of the rights to original team names and kits are held by Pro Evo. Among them this year are many Italian clubs such as Juventus Turin, Atalanta Bergamo or AS Rome.

Nevertheless, FIFA still holds numerous licences. The UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Conference League, Premier League, Bundesliga, LaLiga Satander, Ligue 1, Serie A, Conmebol Libertadores, Conmebol Sudamericana, Liga MX and MLS are advertised.

In total, the game includes 17,000 players, 700 teams, 90 stadiums and over 30 leagues.


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