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In GTA Online there’s a hidden fast travel that you might not know yet

Yes, in GTA Online you can also fast travel for free, if you have the necessary money. That sounds like a contradiction, but it doesn’t make so little sense.

If you want to fast travel in GTA Online, this is usually connected with a previous investment. And then the actual process often costs something again. With an easy-to-miss fast-travel option, at least the latter fees are waived – something a GTA Online player brought to the attention of the Reddit community.

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Free fast travel for penthouse owners

In GTA Online you can become the proud owner of a penthouse in the Diamond Casino Resort. This costs you at least 1.5 million GTA dollars, but comes with a whole range of privileges. For example, you can fast travel across Los Santos without paying for it.

How does this work? Go to Tom Connors at the reception of the casino. There you can now select the menu item “Limousine Service” and be transported to specified points in the game world. In contrast to the taxi rides in GTA Online, you do not have to wait for the ride in real time, but are teleported immediately to the selected location. Alternatively, you can also contact Ms. Bakers by phone call in the open game world, who will then send a limo to you.

Fast travel completely free of charge
: Furthermore, you do not have to bear any additional costs if you make use of this fast travel option. For example, if you fast travel with your yacht, your submarine or even your assistant’s luxury helicopter, you will always have to pay between 5,000 to 25,000 GTA dollars. Peanuts for many GTA Online players, but even small fry make a mess.

Reddit user yungnoodle shows how the free fast travel function for Penthouse owners works in a short video clip. And yes, of course it’s the poor, poor Valet Felipe who gets it (as always) …

Did you know if you own the penthouse, You can basically fast travel to certain places? from gtaonline

What other fast travel functions are there?

In GTA Online, there are several fast travel features besides the limo service, but they all come with their own limitations. In addition, each quick trip costs you a small sum of money:

Fast travel as CEO by luxury helicopter

  • Prerequisite: be in possession of an office as CEO
  • Cost: 5,000 GTA dollars per quick trip
  • Limitation: You can only travel between your office and warehouses

How it works: To use the fast travel of your company’s luxury helicopter, you must register as a CEO. Then contact your assistant by phone call or via the interaction menu to order a helicopter for 5,000 GTA dollars.

The helicopter will land near you and can of course be targeted by other players, so be careful. Once you’ve boarded the helicopter, you can fast-travel to your office or one of your warehouses.

Fast travel by Kosatka

  • Prerequisite: Submarine “Kosatka” from 2.2 million GTA dollars
  • Cost: 10,000 GTA dollars per quick trip, during preparation missions of the Cayo Perico Heist 2,000 GTA dollars per quick trip
  • Restriction: Because the Kosatka is a submarine, you can only use fast travel to reach the coasts of Los Santos.

How it works: To fast-travel the Kosatka, you must visit the bridge of your submarine and take a seat in the helmsman’s seat. There you will be given the option to select a fast travel destination. Fast travel with the Kosatka costs 10,000 GTA dollars per use, if you have just started a preparation mission for the Cayo Perico Heist, only 2,000 GTA dollars.

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Fast travel by luxury yacht

  • Prerequisite: Luxury yacht from 6 million GTA dollars
  • Cost: 25,000 GTA dollars per quick trip or 10,000 GTA dollars if you have completed all yacht missions as a host
  • Restriction: you can only travel from mooring to mooring – as long as it is not already occupied by another player’s yacht.

How it works: You can use your yacht’s fast travel function by visiting the bridge of your status symbol. From there, you can then head for 12 different fixed moorings – as long as they are not currently occupied by another player’s luxury yacht

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