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FIFA 20: Goretzka and Insigne in new Team of the Week – TOTW20

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The 20th Team of the Week (short: TOTW) was published by EA Sports via Twitter. Insigne as 88 card in the otherwise weak TOTW.

Goretzka with side puller into TOTW 20

The FC Bayern player Goretzka was of course included in the forecast. With one assist and a dream goal a clear candidate for the TOTW-20 list.

Two more players from the Bundesliga
LM: Guerreiro (Dortmund, Portugal) – 84
ST: Plea (Mönchengladbach, France) – 86
So instead of Sancho, the Portuguese Guerreiro makes it into the team of the week. The performance of Leverkusen’s Bender does not seem to have been good enough either.

Unfortunately, Guerreiro will be seen in only a few teams. As an outfield player, his 77 pace and only two stars on his weak foot simply doesn’t fit the bill.

With Plea it looks a bit different. The Gladbacher has all the important stats on over 80 points. As a Frenchman you can combine him well with other strong French players and so he is not dependent on Bundesliga players. But three stars on his weak foot could scare many away.

No players over 90
This week the really big names are missing. We were hoping for Neymar on Monday. Instead of Neymar we get Insigne as top player. An 88 card with solid scores over 80 and 90 points is quite respectable.

Who missed the SBC of Alexis Sanchez now gets the chance to fill the left side well to build a link to striker C. Ronaldo.

What do you think about TOTW 20? Are there any players you really want to have? Write us about the social media.


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