Connecting reality and virtual turf – EA cooperates with Adidas and Google


A chip will be used to transfer football skills directly to the smartphone for FIFA Mobile 20. The new technology has been implemented by Google in cooperation with adidas and EA and is now on the market. The name: adidas GMR.

They are among the commercial giants of the early 21st century. Now Google, adidas and EA are joining forces. For players of FIFA Mobile 20, a chip has now been designed that transfers skills in classic football to the smartphone.

“The GMR insole. Dominate the virtual game with real skills,” says the adidas website. A tag – an electronic chip – is built into this insole, which records the football action in reality and sends the collected data directly to FIFA Mobile.

High Tech in the shoe
The data transmission is made possible by sensors within the tag. These include a gyro sensor, an acceleration sensor and a processor. The cost of adidas GMR: 34.95 Euros.

Level-ups and individual improvements are possible in FIFA Mobile thanks to the new technology. Whether it’s speed, shooting power or endurance: every parameter counts for the players. Furthermore, challenges, skill boosts and boss levels can be unlocked in FIFA Mobile.

The adidas GMR was designed by Jacquard – part of Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group (ATAP). Already with smart jackets of the Levi’s brand, a garment was designed that connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth and converts gestures into commands. For example, music can be switched on and off with a hand wiper over the sleeve, or the navigation system can indicate the direction.

Currently not available in your country
An excitement is already building within the FIFA community before the real launch of adidas GMR. Numerous users from different countries are not able to use the new product.

Currently, adidas GMR can only be sold in 25 countries. These include the countries of the European top leagues as well as the Alpine countries Austria, Switzerland, the USA, Australia, Turkey and Japan, among others.

What is required is “the GMR package, a Jacquard-enabled mobile device, as well as the adidas GMR and EA FIFA Mobile Apps,” as adidas writes. FIFA Mobile will be on the market for the first time in October 2016.