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Millions looted for CS:GO hacker – Expensive inventory stolen

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Streamer ohnePixel points out a hacker in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. According to the report, the hacker stole expensive skins and more worth two million US dollars from an account.

The allegedly most expensive CS:GO inventory in the world has been hacked. The affected account of the user “HFB” is said to have contained cosmetic items worth almost two million US dollars. According to the report, these included coveted skins such as seven AWP Souvenir Dragonlore and the knife “No-Star” Karambit.

The hacker attack was brought to the attention of the Twitch streamer “ohnePixel” on Tuesday. The Hamburg-based CS:GO ski expert estimates that the entire inventory was worth more than two million US dollars. Just under half of it is said to have been sold. The other half is still with the perpetrator.

While a big discussion broke out in the community, the Dane “zipeL”, who also has some skin expertise in CS:GO and information about the incident, also spoke up. According to this, the victim is said to have a Steam account under the name “HFB”. This user had not logged into his account for three years. The hacker seems to have changed the username and password after gaining access following a transaction via Steam. Exactly how this happened seems unclear.

HFB’s hacked account has now been banned from Steam within 24 hours. In addition, all exchanges with the items on the account are said to have been reversed. Meanwhile, the buyers and exchange partners also fear a ban or at least a temporary ban. “We have never seen anything like this before,” says zipeL. CS:GO support seems to reverse any actions and protect in-game items.

It is still unclear whether buyers of the hacked items will get their money back. At the moment, buyers seem to be stuck with the damage. However, according to zipeL, there are talks with Valve and the responsible marketplaces about whether there could be compensation.


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