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We summarize all known details about the start date of the first season, Nuketown and the Battle Pass.

The first season of Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War was officially launched. As with its predecessor MW, Seasons include free supplies of maps, weapons and game modes, as well as a Battle Pass. Due to leaks and official information shared by the developer, we already know first details in advance – here is our big overview.

What comes when?

  • Patch before Nuketown with small changes to the multiplayer: On Monday, November 23
  • Nuketown release with double XP event: On Tuesday, November 24
  • Start of Season 1: On Thursday, December 10

This is the future of Call of Duty: Cold War

More new maps – from 10 December

Besides Nuketown, there are more maps planned: The roadmap for Season 1 talks about several “new maps”. It is not yet known exactly what they are.

Rumors say that there will be three maps, namely Dune, Mall and Apocalypse – but this could not be proven yet. But also the Gunfight mode is back in Season 1 and brings new maps into play!

Read more about Call of Duty – Cold War:

Gunfight returns – from 10 December

Gunfight comes with its own maps: Surprise: Hardly anyone expected that Cold War would continue the 2vs2 mode. Gunfight was first introduced in CoD Modern Warfare and quickly gained popularity. When asked, the developers of Treyarch told us that Gunfight will get its own maps, which are developed especially for this mode.


Gunfight CoD Season 1 update
Short and intense rounds without respawn are the trademark of Gunfight.


New weapons – from 10 December

Groza: The picture from the Season Roadmap already confirms it: the new weapons include the OZ-14 Grosa, a Russian assault rifle in 7.62 mm caliber from the early 1990s (i.e. strictly speaking, no longer from the Cold War era).

cod cold war groza weapon update
The Groza is a bullpup rifle from Russia. The gun has been used in Rainbow Six, PUBG and earlier CoD parts.

Striker: In addition to the Groza, a new shotgun is also considered safe: Adler holds the Striker in his hands, a shotgun with a revolver principle designed in the 70s. A corresponding calling card was already discovered in the game files in advance:

Mac-11: Still unconfirmed is the MAC-11, a compact version of the infamous MAC-10 in .38 or 9mm Parabellum caliber and, like the Striker shotgun, has already been discovered in the game files:

The Cold War Battle Pass – starting December 10

One Battle Pass for each new season: Modern Warfare’s DLC model will continue in Cold War, so each season will see the release of a Battle Pass with a free and a paid path.

While in the free version the weapons are back in the game, in the premium version you unlock additional cosmetic items. These include operator skins, weapon skins and pendants – first rewards from Season 1 have already been seen:


Furthermore, a leak indicates that the watches from Modern Warfare are also returning. They are purely optical and show in-game information such as the current level of the player or selected emblems:

Also back on board in the Battle Pass are the 2XP Tokens. These bonuses double your experience points for a certain period of time, either for the player level or the weapon level, and help you to advance as fast as possible or to unlock attachments. First screenshots of the XP tokens have already appeared on the net:

Game Modes & Warzone Event – December 10

New mode and warzone links: Season 1 will offer more new game modes, including a new zombies mode for co-op. There is also talk of a “secret new warzone experience”. But what exactly is behind this remains unclear.

Fans suspect behind the cryptic description a first change of the Verdansk map in the direction of the Cold War – because with the start of Season 1, Warzone & Cold War will be merged from December 10th.

New map for zombie mode – starting February 2021?

New zombie map not until February? According to established CoD insider Tom Henderson, a new map for the zombie mode of Black Ops: Cold War will not be available until February 2021. Currently there is only one map available for the fight against the living dead, The Machine.

Vietman could become the setting for the new map: Meanwhile, more and more potential leaks and in-game hints are coming up, that the next map “Firebase Z” for the zombie mode of Cold War will be set in Vietnam.

Specifically, the zombie map could lead us to the Khe Sanh region, where the local combat base is linked to Firebase Ripcord via an ether tunnel. This would combine the Black Ops: Cold War campaign with a mission from the very first Black Ops of 2010.

These clues and speculations are supported by the intro cutscene of Black Ops: Cold War’s zombie mode, which shows different locations on the screens of Black Ops 1 character Weaver: Berlin, Russia and Vietnam – all of which we could still liberate from the living dead.

New Perks for Zombie Mode? – unknown

What could new Zombie Perks bring? As the established insider website CharlieIntel reports, new perks for the zombie mode of Black Ops: Cold War might be leaked. Source of speculation is the little YouTuber FireMonkey 2, which records its discovery in a video.

According to this, the zombie mode of Cold War is to be extended by four new perks, which veterans of the fight against the living dead might already know from previous CoD games:

  • Double Tap: Increases the rate of fire and thus the damage dealt at the same time.
  • Mule Kick: Allows the player to carry three weapons at the same time.
  • PHD: Player becomes immune to explosive damage or damage from his own weapons.
  • Tombstone: Players die immediately instead of just going down. They leave a tombstone: Pick it up and they can keep their perks and weapons after they die.

If and when these perks actually become part of the zombie mode remains to be seen. It would be conceivable that they will be part of the Season-One-Update on December 10th, when new modes for zombies will be released. Or we have to wait until February 2021 when the first new map for Zombie Mode will be released.

CoD Zombie Mode Update New Maps


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