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Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War lets you unlock new upgrades faster thanks to a bonus on Weapon XP. The patch also fixes some bugs.

CoD Cold War reduce Grind faster level weapons
Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War has been saving you a lot of grind since November 30. Since the latest update, your weapons level up much faster – even without an active XP event.

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Faster unlocks for weapon attachments

Unlock weapon attachments faster: This means that from now on you can unlock new attachments much faster than before. This is also completely independent of the game mode. The increased XP rate is active in normal multiplayer matches as well as the cooperative zombie mode. How high the new rate is, however, is not clear from the patch notes.

Help with the choice of weapons: Which weapon is the right one for you is shown in a constantly updated list of a dedicated player.

The complete Patchnotes

The list of changes in the update is quite clear and consists of just four items.

  • Increased XP rate for weapons in multiplayer and zombie mode.
  • Fixed a bug in Zombie mode that caused you to get too little XP in solo matches and later rounds.
  • Fixed a bug with the “Napalm Burst” ammo modification that sometimes caused you to lose weapon XP.
  • Fixed a bug in Nuketown ’84 that allowed you to stay alive off the field

The patch thus fixes one of the 22 problems the developers of the game are currently working on.

More XP thanks to December events

The developer also explains that more events are planned for December, where you will gain experience points for the weapons twice as fast as usual. An exact date for the events is not yet available.


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