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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Scream skin in Warzone – These horror creatures are waiting in “The Haunting”


It’s getting spooky in Call of Duty: With Frank from Donnie Darko and Ghostface from Scream you can soon make Verdansk unsafe.

If bugs and graphic errors aren’t scary enough for you, you can look forward to the Halloween event “The Haunting” in CoD. This year, at least two skins from legendary horror films are waiting: Ghostface from Scream and Frank from Donnie Darko.

After some users have already leaked the skins and worn them in matches, Activision has at least officially confirmed Ghostface. According to a tweet, the outfit with the iconic mask will be available from 19 October, the start of “The Haunting” event. The haunted highlight ends on 2 November.

In addition, footage has surfaced of a yet unknown skin that a hacker had equipped in a match. It is an eerie skeleton with blue flames blazing inside.

Yo what skins is this?! Sick af from CODWarzone

The finisher moves have also been leaked on Reddit. Ghostface stabs his opponent with a knife and then kicks him aside. Frank’s move also fits into the film universe, he smashes the opponent with a heavy object.

And remember, if a teammate asks you why you’re wearing that stupid bunny costume, just reply with, “Why are you wearing that stupid human costume?”

Leaked finishers of new Halloween skins including Scream, Frank from Donnie Darko and 2 others from CODWarzone


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