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Modern Warfare 3 unveiling: when the CoD Next livestream starts and how to join it

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The multiplayer, zombies and the new Warzone map: The new Call of Duty will be unveiled in detail on October 5. Here all info to the Reveal!

Finally, the most important aspect of the new Call of Duty for many players will be revealed: Modern Warfare 3 extensively shows off the multiplayer as part of the CoD Next 2023 livestream!

When exactly is CoD Next?

🕕 On October5 at 6pm time the event starts.

A running time has not been announced, but we expect the presentation to last around an hour, followed by matches from streamers.

Where can I watch CoD Next?

You can watch the Reveal of MW3 via the official channels of Call of Duty, so for example at CoD on (YouTube) or via the official (Twitch channel).

We from GlobalESportNews will also accompany the event live – so you can find all the relevant info in text form here with us immediately on the same evening!

What all will be shown at the CoD Next?

The presentation of MW3 is divided into four slots: Multiplayer, Zombies Co-op, Warzone and Warzone Mobile. The following topics are on the agenda:

  • MW3 Multiplayer: Live gameplay, showcase of maps, feature details direct from developer Sledgehammer Games.
  • MW3 Zombies: First gameplay trailer for Zombies and a look at the features of the co-op mode with developer Treyarch.
  • CoD Warzone: World premiere of the new map for the Battle Royale, live gameplay and first details on the Warzone changes from developer Raven Software.
  • Warzone Mobile: Overview of the future of the mobile offshoot with new features and a live gameplay presentation.

We additionally anticipate tangible info on the new perk system, which is now tied to operator gear. Also, we will likely see War Mode returning from CoD WW2 for the first time in 2023.

Beta soon after the show

Following the CoD Next event, the beta will start almost immediately.

Veterans should be especially excited about the new movement system, with which the developers want to bring back a faster and more direct gameplay compared to MW2.

What are your hopes for CoD Next? What features are most important to you? And are you excited about the new Warzone map? Feel free to write us in the comments! We’ll stay tuned for MW3 and report directly from CoD Next on Thursday


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