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Saturday, December 2, 2023

New on Steam: For strategy and role-playing game fans, this week is a must!

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There’s exciting releases on Steam again this week, including for fans of XCOM and Mount & Blade.

It’s October, the days are getting shorter and with Halloween, by far the coolest holiday of the year is just around the corner. The big wave of horror games is still waiting, but instead XCOM fans, as well as role-players and builders get served this on Steam this week many exciting releases.

Highlight of the week: Assassins’s Creed Mirage

(Genre: Role-playing game – Developer: Ubisoft – Release: October 5 (Ubisoft)


In Assassin’s Creed Mirage you will take on the role of Basim, a cunning street thief that many of you may already know from the prequel Valhalla. Of course, you will also join the Assassin Order in Mirage again.

The game is supposed to follow the older parts of the series and put more emphasis on sneaking and parkour instead of action role-playing elements, as we were used to since AC Origins. Whether the whole thing is fun,

Highlight of the week: The Lamplighters League

(Genre: Round Tactics – Developer: Harebrained Schemes – Release: October 3 (Steam)

XCOM fans watch out: With The Lamplighters League we finally have a tactics game for you this week – and it’s even really good!

You’ll find yourself in a cool setting that strongly reminds of the adventurous expeditions of an Indiana Jones with its hunt for ancient artifacts and enemies in Wehrmacht uniforms.

Here you recruit different agents, each with unique abilities and an individual talent tree that allows you to customize your characters according to your desires and play style.

The game will also be released directly on PC Game Pass at release on October 3, 2023 – if you already have a subscription, you can pick up the roughly 40 hours of gameplay at no extra charge.

More Releases of the Week

October 2

  • (Quasimorph (Early Access): In this dark, turn-based roguelite role-playing game, you’ll fight your way through sci-fi dungeons and have to make it out alive, Escape from Tarkov-style, or your loot will be gone.


  • (Nuwa): Explore an unknown galaxy, discover alien relics and terraform entire planets in this sci-fi strategy game.



  • (Station to Station): A relaxing, minimalist building game in which you build railroad links and use them to bring a voxel world to life. Unfortunately has nothing to do with the David Bowie album of the same name.


  • (Thief Simulator 2): The first part of the thief simulation has reached cult status through YouTuber like Handofblood, in the sequel now new neighborhoods are waiting to be robbed by you.
    • (Dotage): A survival building game with roguelite elements, in which you play as a village elder guiding your inhabitants through the apocalypse.

    October 5

    • (Ooblets): A cozy mix of role-playing and building game that combines farming, city life, and creature collection à la Pokémon.

    • (Wargroove 2): The Advance Wars-style turn-based strategy game goes into the next round.

      • (The Bloodline (Early Access): This open-world role-playing game should push the right buttons for GameStar readers. Medieval times, base building and a huge sandbox world where you can be almost anything – from a simple farmer to a commander with NPC army in the style of Mount & Blade.


          • (Midnight Girl): A 2D point-and-click adventure set in France in the sixties lets you plot thefts as a tricky female burglar.

            A true blockbuster is missing this week, but nevertheless many exciting games are released again. Which one do you like the most? Will you check out Lamplighters League or do you like the open world of The Bloodline better? Post it in the comments!


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