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Star Wars Outlaws has a Wanted level like GTA, but instead of cops there are Death Troopers

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When you’re constantly misbehaving in the open-world action game, Kay Vess and Nix’s journey becomes much more difficult

In Star Wars Outlaws as we all know, we play the crook Kay Vess. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that our actions can also get us into hot water with the numerous crime syndicates – with major repercussions.

In a new video interview with Gameinformer the development team from Massive Entertainment explains how important the reputation system will be in the open-world game. This much can already be revealed: Death Troopers of the Empire will not be our only problem.

Decisions and consequences

According to the developers in the video, it was clear from the very beginning of the development of Outlaws that the game would be strongly focused on how Kay Vess makes decisions in the course of her adventure and what the consequences are for her and her opponents.

The reputation system] is the foundation of the game, emphasizes Matthieu Delisle, Lead Systems Designer, and explains further: All other features are connected to it in some way.

No wonder, then, that we also receive the receipt if we overstep the mark with our actions. Then our wanted level increases and the Galactic Empire becomes aware of us. At the highest level, even the dreaded Death Troopers

hunt us down.

The system is of course immediately reminiscent of the GTA series, where chases with the police are also an integral part of the gaming experience. There we have to escape our pursuers so that our wanted level drops

In Star Wars Outlaws, things are tougher: If we take out the tough law enforcers , we can disappear from the scene again and our wanted level drops. But that doesn’t mean that we have peace of mind

Syndicates can become “hard mode “

As already mentioned, we can also turn the crime syndicates against us. This happens, for example, when we complete tasks for rival gangs or simply misbehave permanently in the dialogs

What happens next can safely be described as Hard Mode . The syndicates put bounties on your head. So if you take it to the extreme, you will be hunted by the Empire as well as all four Syndicates and their assassins!

So if you want to make your time in Star Wars Outlaws as difficult as possible, all you have to do is show your boldest side at every opportunity.

Uff, that sounds stressful! , are you thinking? Don’t worry: you don’t have to worry that your gaming experience in Ubisoft’s upcoming action game will mutate into a frustrating fight for survival.

As Alice Rendell (Senior Narrative Designer) points out in the developer video above, you’ll have to be really active and get on the Syndicates  nerves before the bounty hunt is called on you.

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