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After numerous reviews of the overpowering MP5, the developer of Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War has adapted it directly with a patch.

The best weapons in Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War are often quite improbable. In Zombie Mode you fight best with a simple knife. In multiplayer battles, however, the standard submachine gun, the MP5, was extremely overpowered. After numerous complaints from many players, the developer has now adapted it.

This changes with the MP5: To prevent the weapon from being overpowering, the developer has adapted the recoil and also reduced the effective range by 33 percent. This makes it a little harder to hit with and it is no longer the best choice in every situation.

Criticism of the MP5
Numerous voices were raised on Reddit, which demanded a nerf of the weapon even before the update. According to them, the submachine gun was simply much too powerful. Correspondingly many players used it in the battles. Matches without bumping into them were a real rarity.

Threads complaining about them reached hundreds of upvotes in a very short time. Reddit user EviJ_Genius explains, for example, that the weapon alone managed to ruin the whole game for him. Other users, however, took it rather with humor and expressed their frustration in the form of memes:

What made the MP5 so good?
Best weapon for all situations: The weapon was absolutely deadly at absolutely any distance. Whether in close combat, medium distances or long distances where you would otherwise rather use a sniper rifle.

In addition, the maps of Cold War are so small that snipers can rarely make use of their long range and still draw the shortest distance against the machine gun.

Simple headshots with the MP5: One reason for this was that the submachine gun had a very low recoil. In addition, there was a remarkable magazine with 30 rounds, which you can even improve to 40 rounds. With 857 bullets per minute, it also has the highest fire rate of all weapons available in the game.

All in all, the MP5 makes it very easy to take deadly head hits. It remains to be seen to what extent the two changes mentioned at the beginning will affect its strength.

How good is Black Ops: Cold War otherwise?
Whether Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is a good game in itself will be clarified in our test. For this one, we not only examined the multiplayer mode, but also took a closer look at the single-player campaign.

Especially the opinions about the former are rather divided since the release. Many are enthusiastic, but the first excitement was not long in coming. Because of this, the developer even gave all players a bonus XP.

What do you think about the changes ? Discuss and exchange ideas with others in our forum.


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