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The first season in Black Ops – Cold War enters the world of Call of Duty. A major update is planned for December 10th – with the start of Season 1, new zombie modes, new weapons and warzone.

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War will start its first season on December 10th. Developer Treyarch has announced with the release of the roadmap: “The biggest Black Ops year begins”.

According to Treyarch, the first season should start with a full load of content. In addition to the implementation of the Battle Royale Warzone, the returning 2v2 Gunfights are also in focus.

The Battle Pass will also be playable from December 10th, for which more information will follow. Additional multiplayer maps and modes provide further variety. In addition, there will be new weapons adapted to the Cold War era and free content.

An important factor in Cold War is the zombie mode. That’s why at least one new mode for the fight against the undead will appear with the beginning of Season 1. Publisher Activision and developer Treyarch still leave open the exact details of this.

Warzone remains free
Even with the new game Black Ops – Cold War, Warzone remains playable for free. The integration of the popular Battle Royale has already started with the release of the newest offshoot on November 13th. First weapons from Cold War are available, but with the start of Season 1 all new weapons are fully playable in Warzone.

Another bonus is the combination of Modern Warfare and Cold War. Both of the games’ weapon arsenals are available in Warzone, providing significantly more options for loadouts starting December 10th.

From the first season on, the game progress stores the ranks of all games in a unified system. Completed missions or unlocked content will also be preserved.

Before the start of Season 1, a first major change is imminent. The iconic Nuketown ’84 map will be released in Cold War on November 24.

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