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With his inner demon, the Demon Hunter burns his opponents and protects allies.

The Vengeance Demon Hunter jumps right into the fight as a tank and supports his allies on the front line. If you prefer to be a damage dealer, play the Havoc Demon Hunter.

The most important changes

Your resource Revenge is history, you now use Irascibility as a resource like the Devastation specialization. The Demon Sting ability has been strengthened and now grants 75% of your mobility as armor instead of 60%. The former talent Demonic Devastation is now permanently available to you, leaving you with decent damage and also healing you.

The damage of Soul Splitter has been significantly increased, but the ability now only hits a maximum of five targets. Some of the specialization talents have been heavily reworked. At level 45, there are now the three talents Empty Skinner (previously level 50), Demonic, and Soul Barrier (previously level 50). Demonic temporarily puts you in demon form after the Demonic Devastation ability deals damage.

WoW Shadowlands Vengeance Demon Hunter
Use soul bomb to pull up to five soul fragments, damage enemies and heal yourself

New at level 50, the talents Ruinous Bulwark and Mass Extraction are added. Ruinous Bulwark increases healing from Demonic Devastation and converts its overheal to a temporary absorption shield. Mass Extraction rips a soul fragment from up to five enemies and consumes them.

At level 30, the Hellish Armor talent is new. This makes Firebrand Aura increase armor by 20% and also makes melee attackers take fire damage. The Charred Flesh talent at level 30 has been reworked and causes Firebrand Aura’s damage to increase the duration of Flaming Brand.

How to play the Vengeance Demon Hunter

The priority of your attributes as a Vengeance Demon Hunter is as follows:

  1. Agility
  2. Speed
  3. Versatility
  4. Mastery
  5. Critical hit chance

The highest priority is Soul Bomb when more than four Soul Fragments are active. Use Fracture if it doesn’t bring you to the maximum of Soul Fragments or Irascibility. The same applies to Firebrand Aura, which is prioritized below it.

Use Soul Splitter to spend Irascibility after a Soul Bomb. Again, be careful not to get to the limit of soul fragments. Lower priority is given to the Mark of the Flame. You can use Gleve Cast as a filler.

15Abyssal StrikeInferno Strike creates a Sign of Flame when you land, and the cooldown of the ability is reduced by eight.
25FalloutFirebrand Aura’s initial damage has a chance to break small soul fragments from enemies.
30Spirit BombConsume up to five soul fragments within 25 meters, dealing 246 fire damage per fragment to nearby enemies and inflicting frailty on them for 20 seconds. In addition, you will be healed for 10% of the total damage you deal to enemies with Frailty.
35FractureDeals 890 physical damage to your target and cleaves two small fragments of soul from them. Generates 25 Irascibility, maximum two charges.
40Sigil of Chains Places the mark at the target location, which activates after two seconds. All enemies in the effect area will be drawn to its center and slowed, slowing their movement speed by 70% for six seconds.
45DemonicDemonic Devastation puts you in demon form for six seconds after the ability does its damage.
50Last ResortWhen you take lethal damage, you are transformed into your metamorphosis form. Can only occur once every eight minutes
WoW Shadowlands Vengeance Demon Hunter
Use the inferno strike to jump to your target and leave a sign of flame there.

You can add Inferno Strike to your rotation, as it will set a Sign of Flame at the same time. Demon Spike is your active damage avoidance ability, it increases your armor and your parry chance. Therefore, use it proactively.

If you know that enemies will deal high damage to you, rely on Flaming Brand on Demon Spikes. An important survival skill is Metamorphosis, which temporarily increases your health and armor massively.


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