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The versatile healers easily care for single or multiple allies and can even cast heals in death.

If you want to heal as a priest, you can use the Holy Priest. Alternatively, you can use the Discipline Priest. If you want to deal damage, choose the Shadow Priest.

The most important changes

Your party boost Power Word: Soul Strength now only gives 5% more stamina instead of 10%. Mind Blast, Mind Soothing, Soul of Power, Shadow Word: Death, Power Word: Shield, and Shadow Word: Pain are now available to all Priests, regardless of their specialization. Shadow Word: Death does 150% more damage to targets that have less than 20% health.

Fade now also reduces the distance from which enemies attack you. The former Circle of Healing talent is now available as a normal ability. The passive effect Holy Words has been revised. It now causes Prayer of Healing to reduce the cooldown of Blessing Word: Sanctification by six seconds, and casting Renewal to reduce the cooldown by two seconds.

With prayer of healing you can help the whole group back on their feet.

After your death, you can now use Power Word: Shield thanks to Spirit of Redemption. The level 25 talent Body and Spirit replaces the talent Perseverance. It causes Power Word: Shield and Leap of Faith to temporarily increase your target’s movement speed.

At level 40, the Circle of Prayer talent replaces the Circle of Healing talent and reduces the casting time of the next Prayer of Healing when Circle of Healing is used. The level 50 talent Apotheosis has been revised to reset the cooldown of Holy Words.

How to play the Holy Priest

Your attribute prioritization looks like this as a Holy Priest:

  1. Intelligence
  2. Critical hit chance
  3. Speed
  4. Versatility
  5. Mastery
15EnlightenmentYour mana regeneration is increased by 10%.
25Angelic FeatherPlaces a feather at the target location, granting the first ally to walk over it a 40% increase in movement speed for five seconds. Only three feathers can be placed at a time. Maximum of three charges.
30Guardian AngelIf your guardian spirit’s effect duration expires without saving its target from death, its remaining cooldown is reduced to 60 seconds.
35Shining ForceCreates an explosion of light around an allied target, knocking back nearby enemies and reducing their movement speed by 70% for three seconds.
40Prayer CircleUsing Circle of Healing reduces the casting time of your Prayer of Healing spell by 25% for eight seconds.
45Divine StarHurl a divine star 24 meters forward, healing all allies in its path for 825 health and dealing 566 Holy damage to enemies. After the star reaches its destination, it returns to you, again healing allies and damaging enemies along the way.
50Light of the NaaruThe cooldowns of your boon words are additionally reduced by 33% when you cast the corresponding spells.
Prayer of Healing takes care of one ally here. If he takes damage, the healing spell jumps to the next ally.

You have a large arsenal of healing spells at your disposal, which you must use according to the situation. Blessing: Epiphany is used on an injured ally, Blessing: Sanctification is used when most of the party is injured.

Lightning Heal is a fast but expensive healing spell, so it should be used in emergencies. For minor healing, cast Prayer of Mending. You can help individual targets with healing.

If you need to move, use Renewal. When healing groups, cast Circle of Healing and follow up with a Prayer of Healing. In addition, cast Divine Star. When healing is not needed, you can use Holy Torment to deal damage to your target.

Strong cooldown abilities include Divine Hymn for heavy group damage, Symbol of Hope for mana regeneration, and Protective Spirit for single-target protection.

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