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The followers of the Jade Serpent perfectly master the art of life energy manipulation.

The Mistweaver Monk is one of the healers in World of Warcraft and is in the solid midfield in our healer ranking. However, you can also play the Monk as a Brewmaster (tank) or Wind Walker (damage dealer).

The most important changes

You now have access to the Damage Diversion, Potent Brew, and Touch of Death abilities. Touch of Death is back in its original design and kills enemies that have less life than you. When you use the ability, healing spheres appear for allies.

Summon Yu’lon the Jade Serpent is a new ability that has a three minute cooldown. Summoned for 25 seconds, Yu’lon’s image uses Soothing Mist on injured allies, healing the target and up to two allies over the course of 4.2 seconds.

WoW Shadowlands Mistweaver Monk Guide
Both the statue of the Jade Serpent and Yu’lon himself summon Soothing Mist along with you.

The talent Summon Chi-Ji the Red Crane has been revised. It replaces Yu’lon and summons a likeness of Chi-Ji that triggers a surge of mist when you use Backout Kick, Rising Sun Kick, or Whirling Crane Kick, which heals up to two allies and reduces the cost and cast time of your next use of Enveloping Mist by 33%.

In addition, Chi-ji’s presence makes you immune to movement-restricting effects. The passive ability Enveloping Breath has been added. While Yu’lon and Chi-Ji are active, they heal nearby with Enveloping Breath when you use Enveloping Mist. This feeds the targets over the course of seven seconds and increases their healing received from you by 10%.

How to play the Mist Weaver Monk

Your attribute prioritization for the Mistweaver Monk is as follows:

  1. Intelligence
  2. Critical Hit Chance
  3. Versatility
  4. Speed
  5. Mastery

For single-target healing, Invigorate is your main spell. If the target is taking constant damage, channel Calming Mist on it. Set the Jade Serpent statue beforehand. If the damage on your ally is higher, use Enveloping Mist.

15Mist WrapIncreases the duration of Enveloping Mist by one second and the healing bonus by 10%.
25Tiger’s LustIncreases the movement speed of an allied target by 70% for six seconds and cancels all movement-restricting and movement-incapacitating effects.
30LifecyclesEnveloping Mist reduces the mana cost of your next use of Revive by 25%. Revive reduces the mana cost of your next use of Enveloping Mist by 25%.
35Ring of PeaceForms a ring of peace at the target point that lasts for five seconds. Enemies who enter it will be pushed out of the ring.
40Dampen HarmReduces damage taken by 20% to 50% for ten seconds. Stronger attacks are reduced more.
45Summon Jade Serpent StatueSummon a statue of Jade Serpent at the target location. When you channel Calming Mist, the statue will also begin channeling Calming Mist on your target to heal them by 1,679 health over the course of 8 seconds.
50Rising MistRising Sun Kick heals all allies affected by your Renewing Mist, Enveloping Mist, or Essenceborn effects by 214 health, and increases the duration of those effects by four seconds up to a maximum of 100% of their original duration.
WoW Shadowlands Mistweaver Monk
Both the statue of the Jade Serpent and Yu’lon himself summon Soothing Mist along with you.

You should use your HoT Renewing Mist on Cooldown. For high damage spikes, you can use Life Cocoon. To heal groups, always use Renewing Mist when it is not cooldowning.

For smaller groups, use Invigorate; for larger groups, use Essenceborn. When using Essenzborn, make sure that the benefit of your Mist Surge mastery is applied twice. Therefore, use the Revive ability immediately after Essenzborn if the incoming damage justifies it. Strong abilities with cooldowns include Thunder Focus Tea, Life Cocoon, Invigorate, and Summon Yu’lon the Jade Serpent.


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