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Riot Games continues to work on VALORANT. With the new patch it meets again healer Sage and also the new agent Killjoy.

Breach gets three Flashes, Sage’s healing is weakened and also Killjoy’s Nanoswarm comes less surprising now. This brings patch 1.07 for VALORANT.

When the patch comes into play is still unknown.

Besides some agents the shotguns have been adjusted. For head shots the hit effect is lower than before. The Judge now costs 1,600, the range of damage drop has been reduced to seven meters for the Shorty and the damage multiplier for head shots has been reduced to two instead of three.

The Vandal gets an increased rate of fire and now deals 40 damage in a single shot instead of 39.

In addition, in Rated mode, it is now possible to end the match without consequences if the player is outnumbered at the start. The /remake command can now be used to request a re-creation of the match if a player is not connected from the beginning to the end of the first round.

In addition, there have been graphic changes affecting the hit animations and act ranks.

Especially the renewed Sage-Nerf makes it clear that Riot wants to further weaken the agent. In the perception of the developers she is still too strong. So the heal becomes an even smaller part of the game. The smaller Slow Orbs also make a more aggressive Sage game more difficult.

With the Killjoy update the developers react to the experiences of many matchmaking gamers. Often the swarm was too strong in situations after bombing.

Breach can become even more important in the attack by his further flash.

With the missing operator nerf, Riot Games continues to ignore one of the big problems that many professionals see.

Important agent changes at a glance
Source: Official Patchnotes from VALORANT



– Healing reduced: 100 over 5 seconds >>> 60 over 5 seconds
– Self healing reduced: 100 over 5 seconds >>> 60 over 10 seconds

Slow Orb

– Size reduced by 30

Barrier sphere (Barrier Orb):

– Cost reduced: 400 >>> 300 and at the beginning the wall has 400 LP, but after a delay of 3 seconds it is strengthened to 800 LP



– New: short start-up time before the damage starts.
– Damage per second reduced: 60 >>> 40
– Added graphic effects to make the grenade easier to see on the ground. Increased the audio range when camouflaged slightly.


– No longer uncovered by Sova’s “reconnaissance missile”.
– Now shoots more effectively at the last known position of an enemy.


Toxin screen

– Can now be placed through the spawn barriers during the purchase phase.
– “Toxin Shield” now rises faster over the total length once it has started to form


– The decay through all smoking abilities no longer has any effect on allies.

Snake Pit

– The area covering “Snake Pit” is now shown on the Viper’s Team mini-map.


Lightning Charge

– The flashes of light outside your own screen now behave the same as others.
– Flashes in the game and now provide a more aggressive way of minimizing glare.
– Charges increased: 2 >>> 3
– Time reduced until charges become sharp: 0.6 seconds >>> 0.5 seconds

Rolling Thunder

– delay between detonations reduced: 0.3 >>> 0.255

Fault line

– Fault line now prevents players from looking through telescopic sights


– The physics of Sova’s cape has been adjusted so that it should flutter less often outside the hit zone from now on.
– Adjustments to Sova’s hands to match the graphics quality of the other agents.


– Observers can turn players’ finish lines on and off (default key: R).
– Observers can set which team outlines should be visible (default keys: H – all, J – allies of the observed player, K – opponents of the observed player, L – none).
– Corpse markers that are displayed when corpses have been deactivated now correspond to the settings for color blindness.
– The shortcut key order for selecting players as observers should no longer be confused over time.
– Observers should now see on the HUD how much money the observed player has
– Added a setting to disable the user interface in the game (“General” -> “Hide user interface in game”).
– Added a setting to disable the crosshairs (“Crosshairs” -> “Disable crosshairs”).
– Observers can hide the arms of the player character (“General” -> “Hide arms in ego perspective”).
– Observers can set that the crosshairs are displayed in the team color of the observed player (“General” -> “Use team color for crosshairs”).
– The frame rate has been improved by allowing more graphic effects to be processed via multithreading (e.g. Brimstone’s “Smoke in the sky” and Breach’s “Thunder roll”).
– For those who prefer to keep their identity secret in the game, the following features have been added:
– Hide my name from players who are not part of my group (the agent name is displayed instead).
– Hide the names of other players who are not part of my group (the agent names are displayed instead).


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