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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Mobile game teases with 100 million for streamers

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Normally, publishers approach influencers directly. But PUBG Mobile and Tencent now want applicants for their own game. And that can pay off.

PUBG Mobile and Tencent are throwing 100 million US dollars (87 million euros) into the race as part of the Next Stars programme to get content creators to play their game.

Any content creator with a reach of over 50,000 followers on Twitch, Tiktok or YouTube can apply. It is not yet clear exactly how the millions will be distributed. According to the FAQ, there will be detailed information about the remuneration after successful acceptance for the “Next Stars”.

Participants in the programme will receive special content creator training, special access to game content and access to events. The application for the programme ( works via a Google Doc).

100 million  – For what?

With Tencent, a gaming giant is behind the game PUBG Mobile. The company has bought up League of Legends’ Riot Games, among others, and also has a 48% stake in Fortnite’s Epic Games.

PUBG Mobile is a huge hit on the mobile market in Asia and is also one of the most popular mobile shooters in Germany. The PC and console offshoot is now also available Free2Play, just like the mobile game.


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