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LoL Patch 12.3 Preview – Riot Games plans nerfs for Zeri

Riot Games is planning a new update for League of Legends. Patch 12.3 will probably include nerfs for champions as well as several adjustments...
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CoD: Warzone – Dominate Caldera with this sniper setup

An analysis by Warzone expert TrueGameData confirms that the Vanguard Kar98k is arguably the best sniper rifle in Battle Royale. Warzone expert TrueGameData revealed arguably...

After Community Criticism – Riot Removes Chemtech Drake from LoL

The Chemtech Drake has caused quite a stir in the League of Legends community since its introduction. Riot Games is now reacting and removing...

Apex Legends: Stories from the Outlands – Trailer introduces new fighter Mad Maggie

The Battle Royale shooter Apex Legends will soon continue with Season 12, which will go by the name of "Defiance". The new content is...

Cyberpunk 2077: These are the best mods for gameplay, visuals and performance

There are some cool mods for Cyberpunk 2077 that make your gaming experience more varied or run smoother on the screen. Find out which...

Warm Snow: The stylish action RPG thrills thousands of players on Steam

Warm Snow combines rogue-like with role-playing elements and inspires thousands of players on Steam. We explain what the hit is all about. On Steam, apart...

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