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Yuumi rework a reach into the litter box? Supporter “will never be fixed”

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Yuumi continues to cause headaches for both Riot Games and League of Legends players. However, the rework seems to have only made the situation worse

Since Yuumi’s release in 2019, the Supporter Cat has been driving both the Riot Games balancing team and LoL fans crazy. With the March 8 rework, the champion was finally supposed to get a better standing in the MOBA. But this approach seems to have backfired tremendously.

Has the Yuumi rework made things worse?

Yuumi has been generated to the point of unplayability in the past. One of the reasons for this was to keep her out of Pro-Play as much as possible.

With the rework, Riot Games had set out to finally give the champion a raison d’être again and at the same time create a balanced game experience for everyone.

The general reaction of various players, however, shows that it didn’t really work out that way.

Particularly her new passive ability causes displeasure among players.

Due to “Feline Friendship” and the Best Friend bonus, Yuumi players are now even more tempted to stick to one and the same ally the whole game, according to Esportler “Treatz”.

Because of their new powerful ability kit, he also fears a high pick rate in professional esports.

Ban rate increased by almost 900%

While Yuumi was hardly picked or banned before due to her strong nerfs, this state of affairs changed completely with patch 13.5 and the rework.

(Overall Ban Rate of the last 14 days (Source: LoLalytics))
(Overall Ban Rate of the last 14 days (Source: LoLalytics))

As you can easily see in the screenshot, her ban rate shot up after the revamp.

While Yuumi had a ban rate of only 5% in the Diamond+ section on patch 13.4, it now rose to over 45% (blue line in the graph). That’s an increase of almost 900%!

In Platinum (green line) and Gold (golden line) the ban rate is not quite as high, but you can still see a massive increase in these leagues as well.

“Never gets fixed” – Yuumi’s concept is the problem

Reddit user Jozoz posted 2 days ago that he assumes Yuumi “will never be fixed” as long as she is not targetable while pinned to an ally.

Accordingly, he sees the problem in the basic concept of the champion. Until this changes, Jozoz says, the champion will not be balanced either.

     Every person-hour spent on Yuumi reworks by devs is one person-hour not spent on other champions/game systems that need attention. Spending so much time on such an unfixable problem is a waste of resources.
by     u/Jozoz in     leagueoflegends  

In his opinion, the developers who worked on Yuumi’s rework should rather use their time and resources for other champions or in-game systems.

His post on Reddit already has over 8,000 upvotes, which suggests that many players in the League of Legends community agree with him.

Whether Riot will ever get a grip on the Yuumi problem remains to be seen, however.


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