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Patch 10.19 may once again shake up the meta in League of Legends. The update will be crucial for the upcoming World Championship.

Mark Yetter, Lead Gameplay Designer for Riot Games, has already announced initial information about patch 10.19. Although he emphasized at the same time that the changes are relatively small, the list of affected champions is once again a challenge, especially for the World Championship participants.

Especially the Senna-Nerf seems logical, because the Redeemer has been a frequent pick, especially with the professionals. Caitlyn was almost permanently on the list during the pick and ban phase and could get a little more action again with the coming weakening.

On the other hand it remains to be seen how the buff will affect Aphelios. The ADC champion had been generously buffed several times before due to his playing strength and then almost disappeared from the scene in the playoffs of the LEC. Sivir and Sylas, who, like Aphelios, had already played a large part in the pro-play in the past, are also being watched with excitement.

After a long time Udyr is improved. Specifically, his ability “Power of the Phoenix” should get a buff. Already at the beginning of September Mark Yetter asked for ideas of the community how an improvement of the spirit wanderer should look like.

New details about the update are to be released on Tuesday. Patch 10.19 is scheduled to go live on September 15th – ten days before the start of the World Cup.

Champion Nerfs:

– Azir
– Twisted Fate
– Caitlyn
– Senna (ADC)
– Nunu
– Talon

Champion Buffs

– Ahri
– Sivir
– Vayne
– Aphelios
– Sylas
– Ivern
– Udyr (Phoenix)
– Irelia

The LoL Worlds start on September 25th with the play-in phase, among others with the MAD Lions from the LEC. The Main Event starts on October 3. Then the other European teams with LEC record winner G2 Esports, Fnatic and Rogue will also join the action.


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