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Fall Guys is still an absolute hype title. No wonder the gaming industry sees great potential in the game. Twitch has created a regular tournament with “Fall Guys Fridays”. Is this the beginning of a successful Esports?

The hype surrounding the Battle Royale game Fall Guys simply isn’t abating. Twitch has even been organizing the rival competition “Fall Guys Fridays” since the end of August.

The event takes the hype game to the next level and almost borders on esport.

Shroud and Co. fight for a lot of money
The Fall Guys Fridays are only open to invited streamers. Among others, Shroud, TimTheTatMan and Summit1g will be there. A total of 80 players were divided into 20 teams.

Up to ten mini-games are played every Friday on the Twitch-Rivals channel. Points are awarded for each team member who reaches the next round. The prize pool is 50,000 US dollars.

Future in Esport?
But does Fall Guys really have what it takes to be an esport?

At least the game has the competitive basic idea. Besides fun, it’s mainly about winning – and Fall Guys has a huge fanbase.

Since its release on August 4th, 2020, the game has become a real hype. On Twitch it is regularly one of the top games.

The Twitch Rivals are a first step into the Esport direction. In the meantime there is even a first professional team.

Developer Mediatonic has not yet commented on the topic. It remains to be seen whether Fall Guys will actually become a professional sport at some point. Until then we just keep enjoying crazy streams.


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