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Concrete evidence suggests a new champion in League of Legends. With Seraphine a mage is supposed to appear. The first leaks show two abilities that have it in them.

As soon as the release of Samira is known, the next character Seraphine in League of Legends is already in the starting blocks. One leak already reveals two of her abilities. The data miner “SkinSpotlights”, well-known in the League scene, has found out the first properties of Seraphine with the help of the data from “PixelButts”.

Their passive ability “Echo” would be unique in the LoL universe. This should allow Seraphine to use an ability twice in a row, which can lead to extreme combos. In addition, the supposed magician would receive so-called “Notes” as soon as she uses her abilities near allies. These lead to a higher range and greater magic damage for her next attack.

The e-skill is also very impressive. Seraphine gives all all allied champions a shield, which also increases their movement speed. However, if Seraphine already has a shield herself, her allies are even healed. In combination with Echo, both would be possible.

Strange debut of a champion
Seraphine would not be a classic LoL character. Before the supposed mage could appear as champion #152 in League of Legends, she has already attracted attention elsewhere.

Seraphine is a fictional character from Riot Games. Originally, the LoL developer created Seraphine, a “digital influencer and singer” and cooperates with her. This is what Riot Games said in an official statement to The Verge.

Already last Friday it was announced that Seraphine will cooperate with the popular virtual K-Pop group K/DA. On August 27th, K/DA released the new single “The Baddest” and has already received over 16 million hits on the League of Legends YouTube channel.

A concrete release date for Seraphine is still missing. Her debut as champion in October, when the main event of the Worlds starts, would be conceivable. There she will present at least one song together with KD/A.


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