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The main event of the LoL-Worlds is running and already has exciting match-ups ready. The champion selection surprises and leads the pro players to success.

At the Worlds in Shanghai, the current LoL patch 10.19 is once again shaking up the League of Legends metagame. We took a look at which champions have been picked most often by the pros in the group stage so far and which of them have performed spectacularly.

The absolute highlight of Champ Select so far was probably Ornn. Although the champion was already popular in individual leagues during the playoffs, Ornn still surprises with his strength in the Worlds. The dreaded champion has so far been present in every single match either as a pick or – much more often – as a ban. Of the four games he was allowed to play, he dominated the top lane three times for the Chinese teams Machi Esports, LGD and the Korean DRX.

At the beginning of the third group matchday Lucian is there with a hundred percent win rate. In the twelve games he was banned nine times, but won the remaining three on the mid-lane for Fnatic, Gen.G and Rogue.

As often as Lucian, Syndra has been encountered on the mid-lane in the pick and ban phase. In the nine games Syndra played, however, she could not exactly shine with just one won game. Therefore no team picked the champion a second time.

Also very popular on the mid-lane is Twisted Fate, who won two of two games for the favorite teams G2 Esports and DAMWON Gaming. As a precaution, he was therefore banned in the remaining nine games.

In the Jungle, in contrast to the meta before the new patch, it was surprisingly Nidalee rather than Hecarim who made his mark. Even before Volibear and Graves, she is the most relevant character there at the moment, with a win rate of 60 percent.


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