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Finally the time has come and the assumptions of many players seem to hit the mark! As Mediatonic and Devolver Digital announced via social media, the second season of the fun Party Battle Royale adventure will begin on October 8, 2020. So next week, Thursday, the time has already come.

Although such an announcement always feels like jinxing things, in the Halloween month of October it’s okay, the creators joke on Twitter. “Let’s get cursed” seems to be the motto of the second season, which was unveiled for the first time at the gamescom Opening Night Live.

Already there we could find out that besides many new outfits in medieval and fantasy design there will be new levels and challenges. Of course, a new Battle Pass can also be expected. Whether Fall Guys will get Seasons without a fixed theme in the future is not even known by the development team itself at the moment, according to a corresponding answer to a Twitter request. Definitely there will be new levels without a fixed theme.

Double glory to celebrate
The announcement for the Season 2 Launch further states that the first Season is now (obviously) coming to an end and will take over Season 2 directly afterwards. To celebrate this, there will be twice as many glory points for played games during this time. So if you want to go shopping in the store again, now is the time to earn the points. Starting next Monday, October 5th, the fame points will be doubled. An exact time for the start is not yet fixed.

Of course you can already use the promotion and the bonus points to get a solid cushion for the hopefully cool new items in Season 2. Who doesn’t want to be seen first with new patterns and colors?

The Season 2 launch in the coming week will also be celebrated with a special event with YouTube Gaming. On Friday, October 9, the celebration for the start of Season 2 will begin at 8 p.m. In this context, Content Creator will compete in teams of two for a prize pool of 100,000 US dollars, which will be donated to UNICEF.



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