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Patch 10.21 brings a breath of fresh air to League of Legends. In addition to the summoner spell Nimbus Cloak, the update includes several changes to twelve champions.

Lead gameplay designer Mark Yetter of Riot Games announced initial information about the upcoming patch 10.21 on Monday. Until the end of the ranked season the competition should remain balanced. Patch 10.21 will be released next Wednesday.

As expected the new champion Samira is on the Nerf list. Only a few days after her release in September the too strong “Desert Rose” was taken out of the sails with a hotfix. Nevertheless, Samira has a fifty percent win rate in ranked matches of the higher leagues and is even banned in three out of four games. It would be presumable that the upcoming Nerf would have an increased cool down on her Q ability, so that she can charge her Ultimate much slower.

Pantheon is displaced from the support role
The Champ Pantheon must suffer the beginning of the end. The supporter should be used more often on the solo lanes. Accordingly, it can be assumed that his e-skill “onslaught of the aegis” will be weakened.

With this skill Pantheon blocks frontal damage completely and attacks enemies in front of him. Especially in the Korean top league LCK, Pantheon enjoyed great popularity and was a frequently pecked champion in the Summer Split as support on the bot lane.

Comeback for Lee Sin and Aphelios?
Among the most interesting champions with upcoming buffs are Lee Sin and Aphelios. The Jungler and Bot-Laner were frequently encountered on the rift before their nerfs at the end of the 2020 Spring Split.

An additional change in patch 10.21 concerns the Summoner Spell Nimbus Cloak. When activated, this spell gives a ten to thirty percent bonus to the walking speed for a total of 2.5 seconds. According to Mark Yetter, Nimbus Cloak is weakened, which indicates a reduction in speed.


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