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Riot Games has big plans for early June with the League of Legends game mode Teamfight Tactics. Players can look forward to their ranked rewards and new champions and traits for the third set.

The current Teamfight Tactics set Galaxies will be revamped with the new patch. The so-called mid-set update, which is scheduled for June 10th, will not only provide new game content, but also a ranked restart.

Exchange of units is intended to bring variety
Riot Games has confirmed that patch 10.12 will not only add new units and traits, but will also remove existing ones. The goal of the measure is to keep the set “fresh” without having to constantly change the meta-game by constantly changing the balance.

However, it is not yet known which units the TFT community will have to say goodbye to and which new ones will find their way into the game. What is clear, however, is how long the Galaxies set will continue to run: The publisher is aiming for a total running time of six months. A new set is therefore expected to be released in mid-September.

Ranked reset and rewards for good performances
In addition, the second half of the set in patch 10.12 will also be introduced with a new ranked section. So TFT players only have until the beginning of June to reach their desired rank before they are reset to zero.

For the first time, players will receive rewards for their achievements in the Ranked section. Rewards are not only available for the first half of the third set, but also retroactively for the first two TFT versions.

Players who complete the first two sets in gold or higher will each receive a Victorious Little Legend, a special skin for a particular Little Legend. Players can also win such a skin at the end of galaxies, but only if they finish both halves of the set in gold or higher.

New Pass and Mobile Optimization
In addition to the changes already mentioned, Riot Games is also introducing a new Galaxies Pass with the second half of the set, which will once again allow players to play Arenas, Emotes, Booms and Little Legends. The purchasable premium version of the Pass will offer more rewards than the standard edition that each player receives.

Furthermore, the performance of TFT Mobile is to be improved. The publisher also plans to introduce new features for the mobile version of the game mode to bring it closer to the PC gaming experience.

More detailed information about the mid-set update is expected in the coming weeks. We will keep you up to date on current events.


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