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The Uniliga is an Esports league organised by students and is aimed at all registered students in Germany. In Rocket League and League of Legends the new season starts this week. We present the changes:

Rocket League:

– Newcomer Düsseldorf Gaming One. Not only in Rocket League they play in the first league, but also in Counter-Strike and League of Legends. Whether they will be a surprise or not remains exciting.
– The FHDW, University of Applied Sciences for Economics, is also playing in the 1st Rocket League League for the first time.
– The reigning university champion starts the season with a new player, as the professional player “Tigreee”, who played for the Rocket League team of AS Monaco, has only little time left for the Uniliga team.
– Also “Limbo”, who already played in the Uniliga a year ago, returns and starts with the Düsseldorf team.
– Streamday is always Mondays from 19.30 o’clock. Check out the Twitch channel of the Uniliga!

League of Legends:

– The group draw for the 1st League of Legends League has already taken place. You can watch it again here.
– For the first time, the two finalists, Bremen and Karlsruhe, had pre-seeds and thus got into different groups.
– Also at League of Legends the newcomer Düsseldorf Gaming is taking off and wants to mix up the second group.
– After five attempts, Frankfurt has finally managed to move up.
– Darmstadt received a rebranding and from now on calls itself 1. EV Darmstadt.
– Streamday is always Tuesdays from 19.00 clock. Check out the Twitch channel of the Uniliga!


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